Noir-Inspired Batman Animated Series From J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves Coming to HBO Max

The Caped Crusader is returning to the cartoon world. A new Batman animated series is coming to HBO Max, with J.J. Abrams and The Batman director Matt Reeves teaming up with DC animated universe veteran Bruce Timm to create a noir-inspired take on the comic book hero.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Abrams, Reeves, and Timm are developing Batman: Caped Crusader for HBO Max and Cartoon Network, a new Batman animated series described as a “reimagining of the Batman mythology.” HBO Max has given a straight-to-series order for the series, which will take the superhero back to his noir roots.

“We are beyond excited to be working together to bring this character back, to tell engrossing new stories in Gotham City,” said Abrams and Reeves, who are reuniting after previously working on Felicity and 10 Cloverfield Lane, in a statement. “The series will be thrilling, cinematic and evocative of Batman’s noir roots, while diving deeper into the psychology of these iconic characters. We cannot wait to share this new world.”

A noir take on Batman from Abrams and Reeves with Bruce Timm, the man who created such animated classics as Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Justice League? Sign us up. Timm’s seminal 1995 Batman series already had a stylized noir flair, though he would tone that down in subsequent shows, which would take on a more simplified ’50s and ’60s-inspired look. And Reeves’ upcoming feature film The Batman will also purportedly be a more “noir-driven” take on the Caped Crusader.

But regardless, HBO Max doubling down on DC animated titles is exciting, as the medium allows for more inspired and unique takes than just another live-action spin-off. And Abrams, Reeves, and Timm are all great names to be attached to this project (though Timm’s more recent forays into the DC animated world have been…questionable, at best).

Batman: The Animated Series was a masterpiece that shaped the perception of the character for an entire generation of fans,” said Warner Bros. Animation president Sam Register. “It is in that spirit that we are bringing together three master storytellers in J.J., Matt and Bruce – each with their own intuitive understanding and affection for the character – to create a new series that will continue in the same groundbreaking legacy.”

Per the press release, Batman: Caped Crusader will use “state-of-the-art animation techniques and technologies available, this powerful creative partnership will once again reinvent Batman and his iconic rogue’s gallery with sophisticated storytelling, nuanced characters and intense action sequences all set in a visually striking world.”

You can see the teaser poster for the series below.

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