'Power Book II: Ghost': Shane Johnson Talks Cooper Saxe and Davis Maclean Matchup in Season 2

Fans have been counting down the days until the next episodes of Power Book II: Ghost ever since the season 1 finale aired in January. While many are eager to see the aftermath of Professor Jabari Reynolds’ murder, others are more interested in Cooper Saxe’s new business relationship with Davis Maclean.

Since early on in the original Power series, Saxe has vigorously pursued the St. Patrick family. More often than not, his efforts usually blow up in his face — possibly even more so now that he’s in with the equally shady Maclean.

In an interview, actor Shane Johnson (Cooper Saxe) discussed the matchup between his character and Maclean and what he sees for them moving forward.

Shane Johnson on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2 and what to expect from his character

Johnson was in an interview with the blog Tea With Tia when he was asked about Saxe’s decision to work with Maclean. He acknowledged that the best option probably would have been for Saxe to go work for his brother, which would have provided a “cush” life. But there’s something about MacLean that fascinates Saxe.

“When Davis Maclean is like, ‘Come do work with me, bring your files with you, and maybe we can make some stuff happen,’ that energy, I think Cooper is like…” he said, letting his voice trail off while giving a curious look.

When the interviewer said she thinks Maclean will get Saxe in trouble, Johnson agreed. “But … who knows what I’m gonna do,” he added.

Fans will find out when ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2 comes out

The second season of Power Book II: Ghost, which entered production earlier in 2021, is expected to air later this year. But Johnson admitted the date could shift due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Remember, the crisis previously forced the show to shutter production on its first season, which is why it was released in two parts. Johnson said that delay might have also affected the release dates of future seasons.

“The truth is, COVID f*cked up our first season in terms of how we were going to originally release it,” he explained. “We did five and five [episodes], and that was never the design. But because of COVID we got shut down for, like, five or six months.”

“I feel like our schedule has just completely shifted because of COVID. So, I don’t know. I don’t know,” he continued. “I don’t know if they’re gonna try and get everything done, so they can do ten in a row like we typically do. Or if they’re gonna go, ‘These five are done, let’s try and get these out as soon as we can. Then we’ll do the other five later.’”

Showbiz Cheat Sheet will be sure to let you know any details that come up. But until then, get ready for Power Book III: Raising Kanan, the Kanan Stark prequel, which airs in July 2021.

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