Rachel Bilson Apologizes to Tate Donovan for "Asshole" Behavior on 'The O.C.'

Rachel Bilson just went ahead and apologized to The O.C. director and fellow cast member Tate Donovan for any “assholeness” she was part of on set of the show. These two got a chance to catch up on the Welcome to the O.C., Bitches podcast, where Rachel said “You went on to direct us on The O.C. and I know some of us kids were little assholes. And I think that speaks to that whole unaware, young, youthful, ignorant … just idiots. And I hope I wasn’t as bad as it’s come off.”

She added,”I thought you were so wonderful and such a wonderful director and an amazing human. So if I ever added to any of the assholeness, I want to apologize on the record here right now.”


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While Tate has spoken about how “difficult” the young cast was in the past (we’ll get to that in a moment), he clearly has zero issues with Rachel, saying “You can’t help but believe all the sort of hype everyone gets caught up in, especially when you’re young.”

That said, he did tell this absolutely iconic story:


As a reminder, back in 2013 Tate told Vulture that by the time he started directing The O.C., “the kids on the show had developed a really bad attitude,” and “were very tough to work with.” He added that “one of them turned to me and said, ‘This show is ruining my film career,’ and he had never done a film before. You just can’t help but sort of think that your life and your career are going to go straight up, up, up. So they were very difficult.”

BRB, tattooing “I don’t read scripts, I smoke pot” across my lower back.

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