RHOBH fans slam Erika Jayne for crying over 'losing Lamborghini' in divorce after claims she 'stole money from victims'

RHOBH fans slammed Erika Jayne for crying over “losing her Lamborghini” and $13M LA mansion in divorce after claims she “stole money” from her ex’s victims.

The Bravo star has been under fire since allegations husband Tom Girardi stole millions of dollars from widows & orphans to fund their lavish lifestyle – including his then-wife’s entertainment career. 

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After weeks of RHOBH teasing Erika, 49, breaking her silence on her legal and marital woes, tonight’s bombshell episode finally saw fans hear her side of the story. 

As Erika sat down with her costars, she immediately began complaining about the drastic shift in her life that specifically pertained to material items. 

She told the ladies: “My life drastically changes this week. I let go of my Lamborghini I let go of my 16,000 square foot home. 

“I let go of my marriage. I let go of everything. I literally made a decision that I had to. I had no choice.” 

The TV personality eerily continued: And I can’t talk about what is happening legally or what will happen legally because I am married to someone who is very good in that area. 

“I tried and tried and tried but I was meant with such resistance.”

In a more stern tone, she explained: “Timing is everything and as soon as I get a handle on what’s coming for me… and it will be coming for me. It will. 

“But you’re all welcome over to my tiny little baby dollhouse and we’ll have drinks. It’s cute but it’s a rental.” 

Erika then admitted she “stole furniture” from her former house – which Tom still owns but is currently on the market – to furnish her new place.

As tears began to swell in her eyes, she said: “Is it great to wear this jacket and live in this house and drive a Lambo? Yes but at what human cost?” 

Later in the episode during a confessional and sit-down with pal Lisa Rinna, 57, Erika began crying harder with tears streaming down her face. 

She explained how she blindsided Tom with the divorce, saying: “I didn’t leave a note, I just left. I drove him to work. I told him I loved him. And he said ‘thanks hun’ like I was an employee. 

“I went home and put everything in the moving van and he got served the divorce papers the next morning. 

“We aren’t playing games over here and he won’t be playing games with me. I’m expecting nothing but the worst. And he’s got some real challenges ahead for him.”

She added: “That’s the last I’ve seen of him. I think that he’s probably just like f**k it, she’s on her own then. F**k her. You want to go big time and go on your own, go for it."

Fans were outraged that the focus of Erika's sadness appeared to be her pricey material items and slammed her on social media.

"Is anyone buying this from Erika?? Cue the violins and crocodiles tears," someone fired off.

Another tweeted: "I'm weeping tears for Erika losing her Lamborghini and 15,000 sq ft house while those things were paid for by victims."

"Erika is weird. Its giving scripted and fake tears sitting on her cheeks," a third accused.

One more wrote with an eye roll: "'My life changed drastically this week…' and the first thing she mentions is she lost her Lamborghini."

"Erika crying about having a Lamborghini is peak grifter s**t," a critic said.

In November, Erika shocked fans when she filed for divorce from former super lawyer, Tom, 82, after 21 years together.

Following the divorce filing, he began getting hit with lawsuit after lawsuit for fraud, embezzlement and contract breach.

Erika became involved when it was claimed that they upheld their luxurious lifestyle with the money he had allegedly stolen from his clients.

Although she has denied ever knowing what Tom was up to – reports claim that he used $20MILLION of the money to also fund her entertainment career.

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