'RHOBH:' How Did Fans React to Kyle Richards Being Crowned the New 'Queen?'

During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Erika Girardi made a stunning announcement.

Now that Lisa Vanderpump, the self-proclaimed queen of the franchise had left, Girardi exclaimed that Kyle Richards was now the queen. Girardi and Vanderpump had their own friction after Vanderpump was upset about the handwritten card Girardi sent to her after her brother died.

During the reunion, Girardi blurted out that Richards was now the queen considering she was the last remaining “OG” of the franchise. Girardi also tweeted her statement too. “Long May She Reign @KyleRichards,” she wrote. “The Queen Of Beverly Hills.”

Twitter reacted with a resounding ‘no’

When Bravo producer Andy Cohen took to the airwaves the next day he commented about how Twitter blew up after Girardi made the remark. Indeed the social media platform did blow up.

Within hours of launching her tweet, thousands of fans weighed in on Girardi’s comment on Twitter with the bulk of responses being more negative. One person wrote, “Kyle is a queen. She is the Queen of Mean.”

Other fans insisted that RHOBH could only have one queen and she’s left the show. “That’s funny. And more than a little desperate. The only one who could be royalty has left the show. Kyle is and always has been the it’s-all-about-me/victim. Hoping @BravoTV either drops the show or replaces you all. Denise gets a pass. All she knows are the lies she’s heard.”

Vanderpump is beloved

A week before the reunion aired, Vanderpump posted a video along with the words, “The Pump has left the building. Thank you for all your support for 9 years.”

Jenni Pulos from Flipping Out left Vanderpump a sweet message. “You are loved and incredible. Ken is loved and incredible. Celebrate all the beautiful things you have built as you move onward and upward. ❤️ you dearly my sweet, sassy, classy, amazing friend.”

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Also, Kenya Moore from The Real Housewives of Atlanta made this pre-emptive statement before Girardi crowned Richards the new queen. “A true Queen, so sad you are leaving. Your tag lines, sense of humor, dignity and reads make you a legendary housewife. I will miss watching you. ❤️”

Viewers threaten to leave the show too

During the height of the Vanderpump drama, many fans insisted on boycotting the show. But the boycott didn’t seem to help as ratings remained pretty steady and even climbed.

But will they return for next year? Last week one Twitter user wrote, “My boycott of #RHOBH is officially beginning. @BravoTV and @Andy please take a closer took at how the mean girls behaved this year, it was not okay. I have yet to see one fan who will watch again next season.”

Other fans were just as insistent on boycotting the show too. “I wish we would all band together and boycott RHOBH and let it self destruct only to be taken off air,” one person wrote in response to Vanderpump’s tweet about how she stopped watching the show. “There’s nothing worth watching now. The leftover women are catty, boring, repeats and has beens. Kill the show.”

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