Royal expert insists no path forward for Andrew under Charles reign

Camilla Tominey discusses heckling Prince Andrew

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On Sunday’s instalment of Dan Wootton Tonight, the GB News host spoke to Kinsey Schofield about Prince Andrew’s tribute to the late monarch. However, during their conversation, they discussed the future of his path within the monarchy under King Charles III’s reign.

Introducing the topic, Dan told his guest that he’s seen a lot of controversy surrounding Prince Andrew’s statement to his mother.

It comes after the Queen’s third child stepped down as a working Royal in 2019 following criticism he received over his friendship with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

In March this year, The Duke of York agreed to settle a civil suit which was filed by Virginia Giuffre who made allegations of sexual assault.

Andrew, who has always denied the allegations, was later stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Touching on Andrew’s tribute to the late monarch, Dan questioned whether or not Kinsey believed that the backlash he was facing is fair.

Kinsey replied: “You can subtract the fact that it’s Prince Andrew and just digest it as a man grieving his mother.

“Which is what I’m trying to do, because I felt like it was a bit inappropriate as well.

“I keep saying guilt by association, I want to believe he’s innocent of what he’s been accused of doing because he says he is.

“But he is associated with Jeffery Epstein and I feel that people have a hard time getting around that.”

Dan highlighted that his mother had always believed Andrew but now she’s died he’s lost his greatest ally within the Royal Family.

Kinsey agreed before adding that the public has heard for many years that the new monarch has tried to distance himself from his brother.

She told Dan that Charles wants to keep the monarchy smaller and tighter so there is less scandal.

The guest added: “I don’t see there being a path forward for Prince Andrew within the King Charles reign.

“However, I do think inevitably we will be kinder to him and friendlier towards him and less offended by his presence.”

Dan remarked that Prince Andrew remains a “constant thorn in the side” of King Charles III who is trying to cleanse the monarchy of scandal.

He asked: “What does he have to do? I mean does he have to effectively make his brother an official outcast?

“It looks like he is going to change the rules so he won’t be able to be one of his councillors of state.”

Kinsey told Dan that the current situation the King is in is very tough as Ghislaine Maxwell could speak at any time.

Currently, Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for aiding Jeffery Epstein who sexually abused minors.

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