Scarlett Moffatt admits it'd be 'an accomplishment if she brushed her teeth' last year as she had 'no motivation'

SCARLETT Mofatt admitted it'd be "an accomplishment if she brushed her teeth" last year as she had "no motivation".

The Gogglebox star, 30, said while she normally "doesn't care" she found herself searching for self-help videos to keep her motivated.

Scarlett revealed her motivation got so bad last year that even struggled to brush her teeth.

The star said on Instagram: "I've never been the type of person that cared. And sometimes that's a brilliant thing and then other times it's not a good thing.

"I've been watching lots of videos about self-help and self-care and self-love and all that.

"I'll be honest with you, I used to think, what a load of crap. But last year I found it so hard to motivate myself.

"So hard. Like I would feel like I had an accomplishment if I brushed my teeth that day because I just had no motivation.

"I think I've been abandoning myself a little bit and not doing things that I love for me as much as I really should.

"I think it's cause I always feel a little selfish. Whenever I do anything nice for myself I'm like, 'oooh'. But no! As RuPaul says, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else."

Scarlett recently confessed to eating a diet almost solely of Miniature Heroes and Cadbury's Roses while relaxing in her dressing gown.

The star said: "I'm tell you one thing I'm actually looking forward to – not eating as much.

"And I never thought I'd say that, but I don't know if it's because of lockdown or whatever it is, but I just feel like all I've done is eat."

Scarlett gave fans a glimpse of her neck, as she squashed her head backwards to create the appearance of a double chin.

"Look at this. I don't mind, I quite like it," she admitted. "It looks like my neck is always smiling. But I am actually looking forward to a detox just so my body feels like I actually love it."

However, Scarlett later felt the need to clarify exactly what she meant by 'detox', after being inundated with messages asking which plan she was going to follow.

Scarlett mused: "By detox, I don't mean detox. I mean I will be reintroducing fruit and vegetables into my balanced diet.

"Instead of chocolate raisins, I will just be opting for the raisins. Please don't think I'm going to drink smoothies and that. No, that's not how I roll."

She then panned the camera down to her tummy and laughed: "That's not how this rolls! I like my chunky belly thank you very much. Rolls do you get it?!"

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