Sheridan Smith drama Black Work leaves ITV viewers 'exhausted' with mind-boggling murder twist

SHERIDAN Smith drama Black Work has left ITV viewers 'exhausted' with a mind-boggling murder twist.

The ITV detective drama sees Sheridan, 39, play a police officer called Jo whose husband is murdered.

Unable to leave the investigation to her colleagues, Jo starts to distrust them and goes behind their backs to find the killer herself.

But her actions soon place her and her children in danger, with the twists and turns leaving viewers "exhausted".

Taking to Twitter when the series first aired in 2015, one wrote: "@Sheridansmith1 @ITV feeling exhausted after watching #BlackWork . Brilliant! Loads of twists and turns all the way through. Great TV. Xx."

Another added: "Really enjoying watching @Sheridansmith1 in @ITV's #BlackWork, more twists & turns than a rollercoaster!"

A third tweeted: "Absolutely loved @Sheridansmith1 in @ITV #BlackWork another amazing performance and a great drama. More twists than a helter skelter!"

Speaking about Jo's relationship with husband Ryan, Sheridan said at the time of the show's original release: "There’s a strain on their relationship evident right from the start.

"Ryan has been working away three days a week training CID officers. At least that’s what Jo thinks. In fact he has been working undercover on a secret special investigation.

"Jo and Ryan haven’t been spending a lot of time together and hardly talk anymore. He’s a closed book and she’s become guarded and conflicted." 

She continued: "Jo thinks she knows Ryan and then her world falls apart. She trusted the police force to look after its own family and now she’s not sure of anything.

"Jo is finding out all this information about somebody she thought she knew everything about. And it turns out she doesn’t know him.

"I can’t imagine the state of mind you would then be in. To have to take all that in."

Black Work begins tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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