Spoilers: Kevin arrested after car smash drama in Coronation Street

The stress all gets too much for Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) in upcoming Coronation Street episodes and he ends up getting arrested for smashing up Stephen (Todd Boyce)’s car.

Kevin has a lot on his plate, what with preparing for Abi (Sally Carman) and Alfie coming back home, dealing with the pressures of work and trying to be a good dad to Jack (Kyran Bowes).

He wants to go to Jack’s end-of-year presentation at school, but Tyrone (Alan Halsall) reminds him he has to fix Stephen’s car first. As he works on the Jaguar, he gets a call from the school to let him know that Jack has been in a fight. He heads off to the school in a bad mood, which doesn’t improve when he learns that Jack is being bullied after someone found out that Tyrone initially thought he was Jack’s dad.

Back home, Jack tells Kevin that he’s not looking forward to Abi coming back, because Kevin hardly pays him any attention as it is.

To try to take the pressure off Kevin, Aaron (James Craven) offers to fix Stephen’s car but it’s not long before Stephen is back in the garage after the car breaks down again. As Stephen blusters furiously, it’s the last straw for Kevin and he snaps, picking up a wrench and smashing up Stephen’s car.

Any hope that Stephen wouldn’t take things further is dashed the next day when Kevin is visited by two police officers.

He’s in deep trouble – but what impact will it have on Abi and Alfie, who are due home? Has he put Abi’s homecoming in doubt with his rash actions?

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