'Star Wars Resistance' Kicks Off Final Season Premiere with “Into the Unknown”

From where we last left off in Star Wars Resistance, the Colossus is sailing into the cosmos. Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean) witnessed the Starkiller base’s annihilation of his homeworld, Hosnian Prime, and is unsure if his family survived the attack. Disgruntled by Kaz’s and Jared Yeager’s (Scott Lawrence) deceptions, Kaz’s fellow mechanic, Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) has made the choice to jump aboard the First Order shuttle with the conniving Agent Tierny (Sumalee Montano), the former naïve to the First Order atrocities. (Oh, and pirates are hanging around the Colossus after striking an alliance with Captain Doza, but they’re not in the spotlight this episode.)

In the season two premiere, “Into the Unknown,” the First Order is displeased with the Colossus’s escape into hyperspace. Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie, reprising her live-action role) orders Commander Pyre to not let the valuable refueling station fall into the Resistance hands. The Colossus makes it somewhere close to D’Qar, the Resistance base. Of course, the Colossus hasn’t sailed the cosmos for a while so breakdowns and gravity malfunctions inevitably occur. Kaz, Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco), and Neeku have to fix the gravity generator.

Where is the Resistance?

Kaz and the Colossus attempted to contact the Resistance on D’Qar but the Colossus has stopped at an undetermined coordinate, near the Resistance base. But no answer. As the events of Resistance drift toward The Last Jedi timeline, fans know that the base may have been evacuated. Time will tell if the Colossus would run into any of the Resistance members or if the Resistance would even contact them.

That Durn First Order Droid is Still Around

Yup, that little First Order BB-series astromech droid that Kaz kicked down the elevator shaft? It survived and remains hidden in the Colossus. It tries to send data to the Empire. Luckily, Kaz and friends manages to stop the fellow and send it out the airlock.

Tam Bears the First Order Helmet

The newly inducted cadet Tam has become a number, DT533, for the First Order. Wracked by Kaz and Yeager’s keeping secret and her own confusion about the nobility of the First Order, Tam has hopped onto the First Order shuttle. She as no problem wearing the First Order helmet, believing herself to have achieved her dream of becoming a “real pilot.”

Kaz is coping with the loss of Tam, wracked with guilt. Despite Neeku warning about the risk of the message being intercepted, Kaz tries to contact Tam through their secure comlink. Considering how Yeager and Kaz’s spy secretiveness took a toll on Tam’s livelihood last season, Kaz isn’t wrong but he is playing a dangerous game reaching out to Tam in First Order territory.

In her new Cadet cabin, Tam is surprised to hear Kaz’s apology and pleas from her comlink. She flings the comlink away, too enraged to accept his apology. She drinks in a moment of hesitation before she planting on the First Order pilot helmet, becoming a faceless First Order drone.


Now that Star Wars Resistance has launched into an exciting new on-the-run narrative, “Into the Unknown” sets the stakes for the short and the long-term, while unraveling the psychological blowback of the Colossus’s launch and Tam’s deflection. There are sure to be large prices to pay, such as Tam adopting the First Order mantle and Kaz’s misguided choice to reach out to Tam, which could jeopardize the Colossus.

Other Tidbits

  • Interestingly, Captain Kragan (Gary Anthony Williams) and his pirate gang are enjoying some drinks and gravity shenanigans at Aunt Z’s. The Colossus’s alliance with the pirates is going to be an interesting mix in the future.
  • The Colossus citizens seem hunky-dory about being uprooted from Castilon. As long as they have Aunt Z’s alcohol to keep them occupied, they seem pretty complacent about their home and economy being flung into the stars—as of now. But what will happen once Aunt Z runs out of alcohol when the Colossus is cut away from trade and commerce.

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