Startup season 4: Fans expose a ‘glossed over’ Ronnie Dacey crime scene

Startup: Martin Freeman stars in season one trailer

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StartUp’s newest fans are upset that the drama series won’t be returning for another season. All seasons of the Crackle series were made available on Netflix earlier this year and the show discovered a broader and more passionate fanbase. However, some fans have spotted a forgotten moment regarding criminal Ronald Dacey (played by Edi Gathegi). 

After the season three finale aired back in 2018, a new host of fans have discovered the tech thriller series on Netflix. 

StartUp follows the story of a brilliant digital currency tech idea, which leads a crooked FBI agent to take down the trio who invented it.

The show stars Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Addison Timlin, Mira Sorvino, and Ron Perlman.

Despite premiering in 2016 and ending in 2018, the series is as popular as ever.

However, one fan has spotted an error in an important scene and took to Reddit to express their surprise at the “glossed over” moment.

They said: “They sort of gloss over what kind of evidence they had of Ronny’s involvement in killing the rival gang.

“And with gloss over I mean they literally never mention it,” he continued.

“And Ronny (weirdly) seems pretty sure on the trip back from the massacre that they are gonna get caught, even though the Nazis were located in what seemed a pretty remote area (criminals are not too fond of peeping toms).”

As the series has already ended, the character’s stories have concluded and audiences know the outcome of Ronald’s crimes.

Fans were quick to respond to the Reddit post, with one pointing out: “So my very best guess would be that they found Ronny’s DNA somewhere.

“But even then, the day they come to arrest him, they talk about ‘this Tuesday’ so they were still in the same week.

“Now I’m no CSI superstar, but I don’t think the DNA verification and bureaucratic processes within an investigation move that fast.

“Nor are DA’s all too keen on rushing to prosecute with like a day’s worth of investigation unless you were literally found on the scene, bathing in blood,” they explained.

Ronald Dacey is a member of Haitian gang LH7, who later joins programmer Nick Talman (Adam Brody) and his team on his latest money-making scheme.

The group of strangers form their own cryptocurrency called GenCoin.

Ronald frequently puts the group in danger and he also has a drinking problem, which causes further issues with the team.

Gathegi’s character joined Talman in hopes to make life better for his son.

So, after Ronald escapes the killing of the rival gang, just how close was he to being caught? By the looks of fans’ theory, he was very close to being discovered.

While fans loved Gathegi’s portrayal of the gang leader, they were also treated to Ron Perlman joining the show in season two as Wes Chandler.

Perlman revealed recently that there was “no hesitation whatsoever” to joining the series midway through, he told FanSided at the Tribeca TV Festival.

“I had the good fortune of being able to watch the entire first season. I watched all 10 episodes along with reading Ben Ketai’s writing.

“Usually all you have to go on is the writing. The writing alone would have attracted me but then watching what an amazing filmmaker Ben is,” he continued.

“The brilliant ensemble work of Adam [Brody], Otmara [Marrero], Edi [Gathegi] and Martin Freeman [Phil Rask]” also made the actor want to join the crime drama.

All seasons of StartUp are available on Netflix.

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