TalkTV viewer breaks down outside Buckingham Palace over Queens death

Talk TV: Man whose mother worked for the Queen pays his respects

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Miles revealed his mother was employed by Queen Elizabeth II and had been at her Coronation and Winston Churchill’s funeral. While his mother could not make the journey to Buckingham Palace, Miles told TalkTV he felt he should pay his respects and document the moment.

Miles remarked: “Today is a very significant day. My mum’s boss died.

“As children we always used to say ‘What does your mum do?’ and we’d say ‘Oh, she works for the Queen.’

“She worked in the Closure Arms and Buckingham Palace, met Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth walking down the back corridors.

“She’s just been there our whole lives and I think today will be a memory for people for the rest of their lives.”

He continued: “I came down to pay my respects and to photograph it and film because I thought digital is fine but I wanted to have a permanent memory that will last forever.”

Miles struggled to continue speaking as he fought back sobs.

“She worked for the Earls and when Winston Churchill passed away, she was part of the team that organised his funeral and was even thanked personally by Lady Churchill herself,” Miles recalled.

“So, there’s a very strong connection and it’s just a very, very sad day.

“For many people it’s going to be days of shock at what actually happened. The next 10 days will be days of mourning for a lot of people.”

When asked how his mother felt when she heard the news, Miles revealed: “My mother was very shocked, very upset.

“Unfortunately, she is too frail to come down here so I thought I better come down here on her behalf.

“She’s 79 and not in the best of health. I thought if she can’t do it then I have to. It’s just a very sad day.”

Miles called for mourners to wear bright colours in honour of the Queen who was often seen in a bright ensemble.

“Wearing black is correct but she always wore bright colours,” he opined. “Sometimes we should wear bright colours at funerals because it’s celebrating their life and who they are.”

Miles struggled to continue speaking as he raised his arm to cover his face as he broke down in tears, simply stating: “Sorry.”

He was not the only one to be overcome with emotion on TalkTV as the Queen’s former butler Paul Burrell sobbed as he caller her his “surrogate mother”.

Joining the channel on Thursday evening, Paul was full of praise for the country’s longest-serving monarch.

He explained: “I couldn’t believe it. I am devastated to know the Queen is no longer there.

“For me she was my surrogate mother in many ways, she was incredibly warm.”

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