The Biggest Mystery In Season 3 of 'Stranger Things' Has Finally Been Answered And It’s All Thanks To Fans

For those of us who have been watching Stranger Things since the beginning, we can confidently say that we know pretty much everything this is to know about each character. 

From their strengths and weakness to their like and dislikes, the Stranger Things‘ characters can’t really change something about themselves without us catching onto it. 

However, one mystery surrounding Dustin Harrison has been driving a lot of us crazy since the Season 3 premiere and thanks to detail-oriented fans, we finally have the answer we’ve been looking for.

Dustin’s signature hat has been in question this entire season

For those die-hard Stranger Things fans out there, you already know that Dustin Harrison (played by Gaten Matarazzo) is always seen with his signature red, white, and blue baseball cap. 

Dustin has worn this hat in every single episode since the series premiere, but the minute fans started watching Season 3, they noticed that the hat was seeming missing. 

Instead, in its place was a green and yellow cap, which made fans start to wonder what could have happened to the original?

After many questioned where the hat could have gone, it turns out that Dustin’s girlfriend from science camp, Suzie, was keeping it safe. 

In the finale episode, the hat can be seen sitting on Suzie’s nightstand and fans were happy that they finally knew where the hat had gone. 

Some fans even took to social media to share their theories on how exactly Suzie had gotten the iconic hat in her possession. 

Will the hat make its return in Season 4?

While many were happy to have figured where Dustin’s hat has been this entire time, fans began flooding Reddit with their own take on the mystery. 

A few fans believe that while Dustin was at science camp, he gave Suzie his signature hat as a keepsake and she has been keeping it by her bed ever since. 

If this isn’t cuter than their heartwarming duet, then we don’t know what is?

As for whether or not Dustin will be wearing his hat again in Season 4, that is still up in the air. 

With him living in Indiana and Suzie residing in Utah, we can guess that Dustin will not be seeing his hat again until they return to science camp. 

Seeing as though he and Suzie are hopelessly in love, Dustin giving her his hat just shows how much he cares for her. 

“Gifting the hat is more binding than marriage,” on Redditor joked. 

So since Suzie is keeping Dustin’s hat, does this mean that she will be making a trip to Hawkins in the next season?

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