'The Challenge': Jisela Delgado Explains Why Aneesa Ferreira Voting a Different Way Upset Her

The Challenge star Jisela Delgado got upset with longtime friend Aneesa Ferreira for voting a different way than supposedly promised. During an episode of the after-show, the three-time competitor detailed why the move angered her.

Jisela Delgado upset with Aneesa Ferreira for voting against her

In 2002, Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira met during The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons and almost instantly became friends. The two have remained close over the years, and Aneesa reportedly knows her children.

Therefore, they returned for spinoff All-Stars as friends and allies. During the May 13 episode, Jisela finished the daily mission last, earning a spot in elimination alongside Eric “Big Easy” Banks, who also placed last.

Because they hadn’t competed in the Arena throughout the season, Jisela requested the others vote in a player who hadn’t participated in elimination either. Aneesa shared her friend’s wishes during the deliberation.

However, several competitors, namely Yes Duffy, who was on the hot seat, disagreed, and he gave a compelling speech. Even though Aneesa previously told Jisela, she would vote for Yes, the veteran changed her mind and cast the swing vote to send Nehemiah Clark in against her friend.

Jisela called Aneesa a ‘fake friend’ following the episode

After realizing Aneesa voted a different way, Jisela became upset and confronted the veteran. She claimed they no longer had a friendship because she believed Aneesa played a “grimy game” by pretending to become friends with other competitors before “burning” and flipping on them.

However, Aneesa defended herself in a confessional, insisting she returned to win, not to “coddle a grown woman.” Following the episode, Jisela called the veteran a “fake friend” on Twitter, explaining she thought Aneesa shouldn’t have agreed to vote for Yes if she had other plans.

Additionally, the three-time competitor doubled down on her decision to cut ties with the Real World star, noting she considered it unhealthy to remain in a friendship that didn’t “feel right” to her.

She continued talking about her former friend in another tweet, claiming she thought Aneesa “lost her way” while trying to achieve a win for more than a decade.

She explained the root of her anger during the official after show

Following the May 7 episode, Jisela appeared on the After Math, hosted by former Challenger Devyn Simone, to discuss her fractured relationship with Aneesa. The three-time competitor explained they had a “candid conversation” before entering the house.

She reportedly confronted the veteran about playing the “best friend storyline,” where Aneesa reportedly befriends someone and then betrays them. According to Jisela, she explained she didn’t want the same storyline because they are friends.

However, it upset her when Aneesa changed her mind at the last second and voted for Nehemiah because Jisela claimed the veteran promised she would vote for Yes. Therefore, the three-time competitor felt Aneesa reverted and flipped and put herself in a position to end up in elimination alongside Nehemiah.

Additionally, she felt the veteran might have set it up to face each other in the Arena. Ultimately, the three-time competitor noted she got so upset because she believed Aneesa made them into the storyline she never wanted. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on MTV.

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