The end confirmed for Spider after shooting in Corrie

Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) faced an upsetting realisation in Monday’s (July 17) Coronation Street.

Following his return, Spider was revealed to be an undercover police officer. After successfully helping to destroy Griff (Michael Condron) and his gang, Spider’s life has been a little quieter – but that all changed last week.

After Spider was told that he should move out of Weatherfield for his own safety as Griff and his gang were looking for revenge, Toyah’s (Georgia Taylor) life was then put in danger after a woman kidnapped her from the flat.

It became apparent that Spider knew who this woman was from a previous job, not Griff’s gang. In Monday’s edition of the ITV soap, he arrived at a waste ground and found the woman holding a gagged Toyah hostage.

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The lady holding the gun was the wife of a man who ended up dead. She was angry at Spider and took Toyah because she wanted him to feel the way she felt. Spider, embracing his role, told Maggie that he has no regrets and will always do what’s right for the world, which involved making sure her drug dealing husband was destroyed.

The ordeal ended when Maggie’s gun went off. Fortunately, Spider was wearing a bulletproof vest and as he called DS Swain (Vicky Myers) and the rest of the team, he comforted Toyah, who thought he had been killed.

Back at the flat, the thought of losing Spider forever made Toyah put forward the idea that he left his job as an undercover cop.

She argued that Spider had changed but he pointed out that really wasn’t the case. He was still the same eco-loving Spider we met over 20 years ago, he was just focusing on other aspects of making a difference rather than just attending environmental protests.

Toyah realised that Spider wasn’t going to reach a decision so she did it for him. She said that if he can’t put their relationship first, they shouldn’t be together.

The look in Spider’s eyes said it all. He was never going to give up his job, so Toyah ended their relationship.

So, what now for these two?

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