The Masked Singer on FOX: Night Angel ‘next to be eliminated’ after major promo clue

Banana was the latest celebrity to be unmasked on The Masked Singer USA as rock’n’roll legend Bret Michaels was revealed to be under the fruity disguise. The Poison star’s unveiling means there are just six acts left with Kitty, Rhino, Night Angel, Frog, Turtle and Astronaut ready to battle it out on Fox on Wednesday.


In order to get excitement levels even higher, the US network released a short promo clip of what fans can expect.

However, Fox may have inadvertently given away which contestant will be leaving The Masked Singer next.

One fan expressed the theory that it looks like Night Angel will be the next unmasked celebrity.

Taking to Reddit under the thread ‘[Spoilers] I Think I Know Who Is Out Next Week.’ user Isoptope-001 explains: “Night Angel, why?”


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They continue: “Well, there was an interesting detail in the promo.

“When it shows the elimination phase, the background turns red, but when it shows Night Angel, the background is suddenly blue,

“And she is in a different position on stage.

“Meaning she moved, which would only happen during an elimination.”

Has this eagle-eyed fan just rumbled the next TMS elimination?

Several fans took to the thread to express their surprise at the major clue.

One replied: “Ohhh that would be very interesting. nice catch!”

While a second said: “Hmm that would be shocking. I wouldn’t she would be out with all the hype around her. Kitty I believe is better. Rhino is making a run.”

While her place in the contest beyond Wednesday is still up for debate, so too is the identity of the celebrity underneath.

However, several guesses have emerged throughout the current season predicting who it could be – and there are plenty fo convincing theories.

The popular guess amongst fans is that Night Angel is actually Kandi Burruss.

The 43-year-old singer has long been tipped to be under the mask after fans spotted similarities in their vocal talents.

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Another theory suggests that Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland could be under the mask.

Other guesses have ranged from Taraji P Henson to Lil Kim.

Fans will have to tune in to find out once and for all if Night Angel goes and who she could be.

The Masked Singer continues on Fox every Wednesday.

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