The Rising’s Emily Taaffe star opens up on ‘strange’ scenes with on-screen daughter

The Rising: Sky spooks passers-by with ghostly apparition

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Sky viewers have been closely following The Rising’s compelling storyline since it landed on screens earlier this month. The supernatural thriller begins when Neve Kelly (played by Clara Rugaard) wakes up disorientated after a night out and soon discovers she has been murdered. She is desperate to speak to her grieving mother Maria (Emily Taaffe) but is invisible to her loved ones which proved difficult during filming. 

In the opening episode, Neve realises she’s living a new non-existence after being brutally killed by a mystery assailant. 

Determined to track down the murderer, Neve goes to great lengths to investigate her own death. 

While she tried to make contact with her mother, Maria cannot see nor hear Neve even though she is often standing right in front of her. 

Maria actress Emily recently told and other publications what it was like having to pretend her on-screen daughter Neve was invisible for the series. 

The Irish actress said: “It’s really difficult actually because normally the whole point of acting is that you are reacting to what someone else is giving you and reacting off each other.”

“So not having that is quite a strange thing,” she continued while describing starring in scenes acting as though Clara was non-existent. 

“In certain scenes, we did takes where [Clara] was there and then wdid another where she wasn’t there. 

“I think it was much harder for Clara throughout the series because she has much more of that so it was definitely a challenge. 

“Clara and I didn’t do much on-screen [together] so we spent a lot of time bonding and connecting off-screen, so hopefully it works.” 

As Maria tries to come to terms with her daughter’s death, Neve re-examines her life as she knew it and unearths deep-buried secrets. 

Discussing scenes where she was grieving over Neve, Emily added: “It wasn’t a barrel of laughs, those scenes are always quite difficult to do and to tell those sort of stories. 

“I feel if it goes well and the day goes well it is quite satisfying in a wabecause you can kind of leave everything on the set and give it your all. 

“You can walk it off and go home and have a shower then a glass of wine and let it go.” 

The Rising is based on the Belgian crime thriller titled Hotel Beau Séjour and directed by Ed Lilly. 

When asked whether she had watched the original series, Emily admitted: “I hadn’t, no, and I didn’t want to watch it because I was wary of stealing some of their very good ideas. 

“The source material is the same but we knew Sky wanted to make something quite distinctive and unique so we did not want to be influenced accidentally or otherwise. 

“But we might watch it in a year when we have left The Rising behind us but it is meant to be amazing.” 

The Rising is made up of eight episodes but it has not been confirmed whether the show will return for a second series. 

However, the show’s executive producer, Pete McTighe, has said he does “have ideas for subsequent series”.

The Rising is available to watch on Sky Max and NOW. 

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