The Santa Clause fans gobsmacked after spotting bizarre hidden detail 29 years after Christmas film's release | The Sun

FANS of The Santa Clause movie are astounded after discovering a creepy hidden detail in the movie decades after it was released.

The movie premiered in 1994 and was followed up with two other franchise films.

As the Christmas spirit kicks in and people get comfy in their PJs while bingeing on some iconic Christmas films, a TikTok user rewatching the classic movie The Santa Clause noticed hidden elves everywhere.

Obviously, it wouldn't be a Christmas movie without elves and Santa, so it only makes sense, but the odd detail has floored fans as they never realised just how many little elves were positioned throughout the film.

The clip posted showed that many of the children in different scenes were actually Santa's minions blending in with the background, before lead character Scott Calvin is chosen to be the next Father Christmas.

The video post was captioned: “Am I the only one? Lol.”

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Fans who grew up watching the film took to the comment section to express how surprised they were at only just noticing it now.

One user penned: “The whole time!? The the. THE WHOLE TIME!?.”

A second typed: “Oh my gosh, this makes so much sense now in the Santa Clause series, they say they chose him, they was always there”, with a mindblown emoji.

A third followed it with a theory: “After Santa, I could understand. They were his secret agents elfs! lol, but before Santa!!! no way!”

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A fourth chimed: “The fact that they were watching him BEFORE he became Santa seems like they orchestrated the end of the old Santa and Scott becoming the new one.”

Another seemed to still be dazed as they quizzed: “What’s going on? Notice what?”

During one scene, an elf boy can be seen at Denny's restaurant putting his coat on, while another shows an elf sitting right behind Scott's son Charlie Calvin, played by Eric Lloyd, in class. 

No place seems exempt from the spying elves as another hides in plain sight while walking past and looking at Scott, played by Tim Allen and his son, Charlie, suspiciously in the park.

Another park scene shows an elf camouflaging among the kids surrounding Santa-esque Scott.

The film joins the list of family Christmas thriller/comedies alongside Home Alone and Jingle All the Way as it starts off pretty sinister when Santa gets killed after being surprised by Scott while on the roof, which causes him to trip and fall to his demise.

Ultimately, Scott takes on the role of Santa in order to save Christmas while rebuilding the relationship with his son.

After a successful run in 1994, The Santa Clause 2 was released in 2002, with The Santa Clause 3 following closely behind and hitting the big screens in 2006.

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