The Young Offenders viewers fume ‘where’s the comedy?!’ as they’re left sobbing by ‘heart-breaking’ scenes

THE Young Offenders viewers are fuming ‘where’s the comedy?!’ as they’re left sobbing by ‘heart-breaking’ scenes.

The BBC Three comedy follows bike-stealing teenagers Conor and Jock as they weave and duck their way around Cork breaking the law and running away from Sergeant Tony Healey.

But despite the comedic premise, the third season has also packed an emotional punch, which has caught viewers off guard.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "What's going on? I was told @YoungOffenders_ on @BBCOne @BBCiPlayer was a comedy. I've watched the first three episodes & spent most of the time in tears."

Another added: "Wow, that With Or Without You sequence in #TheYoungOffenders was far more emotional than it had any right to be. Quality series…elicits all kinds of tears."

A third tweeted: "Just watched series one of #theyoungoffenders. Episode 3 onwards had me in buckets of tears. Rank and beautiful at the same time."

They weren't alone with their tears as a fellow viewer shared: "#TheYoungOffenders takes me from laughing my head off to crying my eyes out in the same episode. Brilliant show."

Chris Walley and Alex Murphy play the bike-stealing scallies, and are easy to recognise with their half-shaved heads and train-track eyebrows.

Chris told The Sun Online: “I genuinely like it now. I’m convinced I look better than normal and I’ve grown quite fond of it.

"Over here in Cork that haircut is called the scut cut and it’s very popular.

“We change our styles when we’re not filming but whenever we have a tight haircut it goes mad, especially around Cork.

"You can’t think of a more madly identifiable hairstyle and our silhouettes: I’m tall and thin and Alex is small so we’re very distinctive.

"And we’re best pals and we hang out all the time so we get spotted a lot.”

The Young Offenders continues tonight at 9.30pm on BBC One and is available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.

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