Theo enrages Martin as he kisses Stacey in EastEnders

It is already staggeringly clear that Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) do not get on, and upcoming EastEnders scenes will prove that that isn’t set to change any time soon.

As Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) gets ready for Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) wedding, she is faced with horror from daughter Lily (Lillia Turner), who has discovered that her date for the event is Theo.

Theo agrees to attend the wedding with Stacey after being asked by Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), who gets her wires crossed over Stacey’s thoughts about their date.

However, things get far more complicated for Stacey when Martin arrives shortly after Theo, and Stacey realises that she left a drunken voicemail asking him to be her plus one instead.

Though Martin urges her to ditch Theo, Stacey is torn.

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Martin already has a strong dislike for Theo after digging up information about his past.

He was left horrified to discover that Theo had left his last job after being accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship, though Theo vehemently denied that that was true.

When Lily ended up being rushed to hospital with Theo by her side, Martin instantly assumed the worst and ended up punching the creepy teacher.

Later, Stacey is left feeling awkward when Theo tries to deliberately wind Martin up by kissing her hand.

Having already attempted to flirt with Martin, she’s conflicted about what to do about her feelings for him.

It isn’t long before Jean (Gillian Wright) is offering her advice, imploring her to stop getting in the way of her own happiness, and soon she’s made a choice about her future with him.

When the pair attend another family conference with the Brannings, Martin is very clearly in awe of how Stacey is handling things.

As Eve tries to convince Stacey to give things another go with him, Stacey isn’t sure if she should risk it.

With Stacey and Martin growing ever closer, how will Theo react?

Viewers know that he has been the one paying for private video calls with Stacey, though Stacey is still unaware of his identity.

As Stacey considers her future, she reveals to Martin that she is still doing cam work, leaving him concerned about who she is talking to.

As they row, with Stacey asserting that she will do what she wants, is Martin right to fear that she may be in danger?

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