Tipping Points Ben Shephard warns I hope you didnt hear after huge blunder

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    Tipping Point star Ben Shephard was stunned after a player made a huge blunder on Wednesday (July 12).

    The presenter, 48, welcomed Sue, Emma, Jedd and Martin into the studio who went up against each other in a bid to walk away with the £10,000 prize.

    After the first round, Emma was given 30 seconds to answer as many questions as she could correctly.

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    Ben asked: "Ealing, Ackton and Chiswick are areas of which capital city of the UK?"

    Much to Ben's and fans' surprised, Emma chose to pass on the question before the Good Morning Britain star revealed the answer was "London".

    Following the round, in which full-time mum Emma managed to secure two counters, Ben couldn't help but refer back to her choice to pass on the question.

    "That first question though," before he repeated it.

    "I didn't know, I didn't know," exclaimed Emma, leaving Ben insistent that she must have misheard the question.

    He continued: "I'm hoping that you didn't quite hear or you weren't really listening because you do know that the capital of the UK is London?"

    "Oh capital! Oh I didn't hear that, yes I knew that," Emma responded as she let out a nervous laugh.

    Things unfortunately didn't work out for Derbyshire-born Emma as she was the second contestant booted from the competition.

    It came down to Martin and Sue who battled it out to become the player in chance of winning the whopping £10,000.

    Despite going head-to-head with Sue with only £350 in the bank when she had £1,450, Martin managed to close the gap and work his way up to £950.

    But like his two other co-stars, his efforts went to waste and it was Sue who went through to the final round.

    After several failed attempts at trying to push the jackpoint counter over the tipping point, Sue chose to take the trade and left the competition with £2,450.

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