Tragic goodbye, Jay falls apart and Cindy return aftermath in EastEnders

Following the return from the dead of Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), EastEnders shifts focus back to tragic events back in Walford, as another lost young life is laid to rest.

Lola’s loved ones gather to pay their respects and party in her honour, but Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is struggling to deal with what is happening, and goes missing on the day she is due to be laid to rest.

Jay Brown and Ben Mitchell (Jamie Borthwick and Max Bowden) are also fighting hard against their grief, while Lexi (Isabella Brown) prepares to stand and deliver a heartbreaking tribute to the mum she has lost.

But will Billy be there to support her – and to have his chance to say goodbye?

Over at the Queen Vic, the Knights are experiencing rifts, with George (Colin Salmon) trying to keep a lid on what happened with Rose coming out.

With his daughters either being weighted down by pressure or heading for a meltdown, George has a lot on his hands.

Little does he know of reports of Hurricane Cindy on the horizon!

Monday June 26

George struggles to come to terms with what he has learnt and goes in search of answers. 

George covers when questioned by Elaine, but his lies are soon rumbled.

Elaine confronts George and he is forced to reveal all but the pair are interrupted by an unsuspecting Anna who demands the truth.

George shares the news about Rose to a shocked Anna but he insists she must keep it a secret from Gina for fear of history repeating itself… 

Billy is reeling as he attempts to busy himself with final preparations for Lola’s funeral. After a tense meeting with the Reverend, Billy lashes out at Honey and Jay as he shares his disgust for how the Mitchell family treated Lola over the years before storming out.

Jay struggles to deal with his grief and heads to The Vic but he’s soon sent home by a concerned Gina and Linda to sober up. Later, Honey finds a dejected Billy alone outside the funeral parlour and encourages him to say a final goodbye to Lola.  

Tensions rise between Vinny and Finlay following his car being tampered with as he threatens to call the police on Vinny for cutting the breaks.

Kathy is angered as Rocky’s pet bird bites a hole through her funeral outfit, but she later softens to the idea of keeping him following a chat with Rocky.   

Tuesday June 27

It’s the day of Lola’s funeral and Billy is nowhere to be seen.

Back in the Square, Lola’s hearse arrives adorned in flowers and colourful messages left by the residents of Walford.

The ceremony is a celebration of Lola’s life with emotional speeches from Jay, and Lexi.

Elaine and The Knights busily prepare for Lola’s wake as a guilty Anna struggles to keep hush about her mum and attempts to reveal all to Gina but her sister stops her and insists she doesn’t want to know, unaware of the bombshell that Anna is hiding.  

The residents of Walford arrive back in The Square for a celebration of Lola’s life just as Lola wished.  A fatigued Jay retreats to No.18 desperately to record a final live stream on her channel thanking her followers  for their support.

Contemplating how precious life is, Whitney asks Zack to move into No.1 with her which he accepts.

Wednesday June 28

Gina decides she wants to hear the truth about her mum but a worried Anna covers and insists it’s nothing. Sensing her sister’s deception, Gina finally learns the truth from Elaine who believes she deserves to know. A broken Gina heads to Peggy’s to drink herself into oblivion.

Back at The Vic, George panics when he learns that Gina knows the truth about Rose.

At home, George consoles his two daughters but things go from bad to worse as he reveals the truth about what happened all those years ago.  Gina and Anna are left heartbroken by their dad’s actions.

Jay struggles to deal with his immense grief. Lexi is consumed with worry for Jay and pushes Ben and Billy away as they try and cheer her up.

Later at the Minute Mart, Callum suggests that Jay should move into their flat with Lexi but Ben dismisses the idea.

After Jay is unfazed, he and Ben have a heart-to-heart and Jay finally agrees to move in.

As the family sit down for dinner it’s clear the food is making Ben uncomfortable as he starts to panic about how he’ll keep his struggles a secret from his loved ones now that he has a full house.  

Thursday June 29

A guilty Elaine is determined to make things right between George and his girls and sets on persuading Gina and Anna to hear him out.

George buries his head in the sand before Elaine intervenes and implores the girls to forgive their dad.

It’s Zack’s first night living at No.1 and he attempts to impress Felix by catering a special night  at The Prince Albert but he soon gets more than he bargained for after Felix asks him to serve the buffet in the buff.   

Denise is stressed as she tries to juggle her family commitments under the pressure of Jack. After a run in at the salon with Kim when Denise takes Pearl for lunch, Denise realises that Kim is dealing with trauma from the crash.

Later at No.18 Denise feels guilty when Kim opens up about her struggles, but Howie implores her to stop blaming herself for everything that has happened.

Back at home, Jack rows with Denise for being late home but she finally snaps and tells Jack she won’t apologise for not being perfect.  

Ben faces teething issues co-parenting with Jay and is irritated when Lexi goes to walk to school on her own as it’s revealed that Lola and Jay made the decision without including him weeks ago.  

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