‘Valley Girl’ Trailer: Long-Delayed Musical Remake of ’80s Cult Classic Bound for Digital Release

It’s been a like, totally awesome, ohmygosh couple of weeks for fans of ’80s cult classic “Valley Girl.” The Martha Coolidge-directed 1983 rom-com is available on streaming platforms for the first time ever, and now its long-gestating musical remake is finally getting a release date.

Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg (best known for her amusing Lifetime sendup “A Deadly Adoption”) and released by Orion Classics, this new take on the “Valley Girl” mythos — basically, Romeo and Juliet for Sunset Strip punks and Sherman Oaks mallrats — was first announced way back in 2016, when Goldenberg and star Jessica Rothe (of “Happy Death Day” franchise fame) signed on to craft a reboot that added in musical elements to its star-crossed lovers story. Originally set with a 2018 release date, news on the film has been mostly quiet in recent years, making it something of a weird curio for both fans of the first film and those eager to see it rendered into poppy musical flash.

Now, the film is prepped for digital release in less than a month, and its first trailer lays on the ’80s influences nice and thick. Per its official synopsis, the film is “a musical adaptation of the classic 1983 hit film that changed American teenage life forever, set to a rock ‘n roll ’80s soundtrack. Julie (Jessica Rothe) is the ultimate ’80s Valley Girl. That is, until she falls hard for Randy (Josh Whitehouse), a Sunset Strip punk rocker, who challenges everything Julie stands for. Despite push-back from friends and family, Julie must break out of the safety of her world to follow her heart and discover what it really means to be a Valley Girl.”

The new film also stars Chloe Bennet, Mae Whitman, Ashleigh Murray, Jessie Ennis, Rob Huebel, Judy Greer, Alicia Silverstone (as a grownup Julie!), and Camila Morrone. Coolidge’s original boasted a still very young Nicolas Cage in the Randy role, with Deborah Foreman starring alongside her as Julie. It was released in April of 1983 and went on to make nearly $20 million at the box office.

“Valley Girl” will hit digital platforms on May 8. Check out the film’s first trailer below.

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