'Vanderpump Rules': Scheana Shay Confesses That She's Staged Paparazzi Moments

Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules admitted that she has created paparazzi buzz on her own.

A fan sent a question to Shay via Andy Cohen when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During the After Show, Cohen asked Shay if she’s ever called the paparazzi on herself. “Sometimes I have, yes,” Shay easily answered.

Cohen couldn’t get over her quick admission and tells her he loves how she totally came clean. Shay too seems unphased by the question and laughs along with him. “I love it that she owns it,” Cohen exclaims. Shay also joked about a moment she staged with a photographer too.

She staged a ‘paparazzi’ moment in Palm Springs

Shay didn’t leave it there, she even gave Cohen and viewers an example. “This woman reached out to me in Palm Springs, to ask if she could paparazzi me outside a Walmart,” she recalls. “And I’m like, do I do it just to make the joke? To be like ‘Yup I called her!’

Vanderpump Rules cast members Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder recently said Shay calls the paparazzi, which was the springboard for the question during the WWHL After Show. During Kent’s podcast, Give Them Lala… With Randall, Schroeder admitted that she’s called photographers. “It was when Patrick [Meagher] dumped me on our anniversary, the day before our trip to Mexico.”

That’s when Kent shared that Shay calls photographers all the time. “I love her so much because she thinks we’re all stupid. Do you think paparazzi are just here watching you go to [Disneyland] with Mickey Mouse ears? It’s not happening. You called them, b*tch. Just admit it.”

Shay’s sister’s boyfriend has been handling her YouTube edits

After getting slammed for being initially cavalier about quarantine restrictions, she has since shared she’s been in quarantine with her boyfriend Brock Davies. But she also shared during the After Show that her sister and her sister’s boyfriend are with her too. “Which is great because her boyfriend does all my YouTube editing! So it’s been awesome having them here.”

She also told BravoTV.com that Davies is pretty handy and the couple is in the middle of home renovation and decorating. “Brock fixes everything,” she said, Bravo’s Style & Living reports. She also has a sense of humor about the speed in which Davies can assemble something.

Viewers likely recall how Shay boasted former boyfriend Rob Valletta could mount a television on a wall in less than seven minutes. “You know that he took my bunk beds apart in under seven minutes?” she said. “No, he said he has to do everything in under six minutes. Seven’s too close.” 

Davies is also a great cook too, Shay said. “Brock is a really good cook. He does really good pastas,” Shay gushed.”Every time [he cooks a new dish] it’s as good if not better.” Shay also treated Instagram followers to her infamous enchilada recipe too. “We’re just trying to keep cooking a lot and not waste any food whatsoever. We’re making sure we eat everything before it goes bad.”

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