What is Edith Gonzalez's Net Worth and Why Was She Famous?

Favorite Mexican telenovela star, Edith Gonzalez, passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 54. She is best known for her work on Salome and served as a judge for a reality show until her untimely passing. What is her net worth?

Why is Edith Gonzalez famous?

Edith Gonzalez was born December 10, 1964, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and she was a child star. A producer discovered Gonzalez at the age of 5-years-old when her mother took her to a popular Sunday show. When she was 6-years-old, she appeared in Lucia Sombra and at age 11, she starred in the movie, El Rey los Gorilas.

While she studied acting, she admired Leon Tolstoi, Anton Chekhov, and Dostoyevski. She also studied dance in Paris and received offers to work in America. However, no movie or soap opera convinced her to want to move to America. She eventually accepted a role in 2003, however, had little success breaking into the market.

She is most known for her work on Telenovela soap opera, Salome. She also recently appeared as a judge for the Mexican reality show, This Is My Style. Gonzalez has starred in several movies, television shows, and soap operas on Televisa, Telemundo, and TV Azteca networks. In 2008, she landed a role in Telemundo’s Dona Barbara.

Based off a famous book written by Venezuelan author Romulo Gallegos, the soap opera became Telemundo’s most internationally sold soap opera ever. She started on Azteca in 2010 and appeared in Cielo Rojo as well as the reality television show, The Academy. Gonzalez was also a judge on the show Dancing For a Dream.

She had a daughter in August 2004 with politician Santiago Creel. In 2006, an article claimed Gonzalez refused to name the father of her child. Creel didn’t acknowledge the child as his until 2008; however, Gonzalez said he is active in their daughter’s life. In 2010, Gonzalez and Lorenzo Lazo Margain married. They were expecting a child together; however, she lost the baby a week before their wedding.

What is Edith Gonzalez’s net worth?

Gonzalez signed a three year, $5 million contract in October 2010 and also became the new Hispanic figure for Got Milk. Her exact net worth is still under review. However, publications have reported Edith Gonzalez’s net worth is an estimated $1 million.

Edith Gonzalez’s battle with cancer

In 2016, Gonzalez announced her cancer diagnosis through Instagram. She shared a picture of herself in a bed and told her followers that the doctors found “cancerous tissues” located in her abdomen. Gonzalez then shared that the tissues were gone entirely, and she had her ovaries, uterus, and lymph nodes removed. In 2017, CNN reported Gonzalez entered remission. However, her cancer returned in 2019.

Even though Gonzalez suffered from stage four ovarian cancer, she said in a 2017 interview that she is “not a warrior” instead “a lover of life.” Unfortunately, Gonzalez passed away from cancer on June 13, 2019. She left behind a husband, Lorenzo Lazo, and a 15-year-old-daughter.

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