Where are you getting that?!? Raab has Twitter in stitches over petrol price claims

Charlie Stayt and Dominic Raab clash over petrol prices

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Dominic Raab was challenged to approximate the highest petrol diesel price he had recently seen when filling up his car. The deputy Prime Minister immediately clarified he had traded his diesel for unleaded, stating he had recently paid 1.65 per litre. But the claim was met with doubts on Twitter, with users jokingly asking for directions to his local petrol station as they pointed out they had been paying considerably more to fill up.

User @djbrianhudson said: “@DominicRaab where the f#ck are you getting fuel at 1.67 from…Get in touch with reality #muppet.”

And @VanessaPullen1 added: “@DominicRaab needs a reality check.

“Saying diesel isn’t the price Charlie Stayt on @BBCBreakfast has suggested I’ve just paid £1.85 a litre where I live and it seems to be going up every day.”

Another user questioned whether the Tory frontbencher was stuck in time, with @Maria30457324 saying: “Dominic Raab on BBC news this morning saying he has been able to get diesel for £1.61. When was this then 2020!!!!!”

Other users also noted the price for both diesel and unleaded has been much higher in their personal experience.

@dilligaf2k10 said: “@BBCBreakfast Just watching your interview with Dominic Raab, could you please ask him where he gets diesel for £1.65, I filled up yesterday and it was £1.83 a litre – I want to fill up where he does …”

And @MissJR73 added: “@DominicRaab my local price per litre in Hertfordshire is 171 – you’re out of touch @BBCBreaking.”

Some Twitter users also took issue with Mr Raab’s attempt to dismiss the question from Mr Stayt.

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@Englishteagirl1 said: “Sorry @DominicRaab but petrol matters to me as I need it to get to work to earn my wages, to buy by bread and milk!

“Shame on you not being in touch with the people. #charliestayt your a star keep up the hard work.”

During his interview, Mr Raab said: “Last time I went to the pumps, I think it was 1.65 for a litre of unleaded.”

The BBC Breakfast host replied: “It has gone up more. I’m not trying to catch you out, I’m just trying to get a jist of it cause it’s going up.”

The deputy Prime Minister hit back: “I filled up in the last week so I’m just telling you from my day-to-day experience the last time I was in the pumps.”

The BBC presenter said that the highest price he had seen for diesel recently was 1.99 per litre at a service station on the M6.

Mr Raab pressed again on the price of unleaded: “I’m just checking how in touch you are, because last time I looked it was 165-167.”

Mr Stayt said that 168 was the latest price that he had seen for unleaded.

The deputy prime minister replied: “I’m just making the point that I’m actually right about the cost of a litre of unleaded.”

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