Where is Doc Martin filmed? The Godrevy Lighthouse, Port Issac and Gunwalloe filming locations for the ITV drama

DOC Martin is back for it's final season and with it comes those idyllic Cornish locations.

We take you through all the key landmarks that are used for filming the show – including the now famous lighthouse.

Where is Doc Martin filmed?

The Godrevy Lighthouse

The first episode of the ninth and final series of Doc Martin was called To the Lighthouse and saw the Doc racing there to rescue of Mrs Tishell.

To film this episode, the show actually went a bit further down the coast to the idyllic St Ives and used the Godrevy Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is thought to be the inspiration for Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse – which is what the first epsiode was named after.

The Lighthouse stands 26 meters high and is one of the coast’s most famous landmarks.

You can visit the iconic location by taking a boat trip out to the island it stands on.

Port Issac

This picturesque Cornish fishing village is where the show is mostly filmed.

It sets the scene for the show's  fictional village of Port Wenn.

Fans can stroll through the idyllic village and see lots of familiar locations like the pharmacy and Louisa's old house.

One of the most recognisable locations is the surgery where Doc Martin lives and works.

It is Perched on Roscarrock Hill and sits overlooking the bay below.

The local school

Fans will know that Doc Martin's wife Louisa is the former headteacher at the local school.

What they might not know is that the school is in fact a hotel where you can stay, you can even get married there if you want.

The Old School Hotel is situated in Port Isaac.

The hotel is surrounded by the stunning coastline you see in the show, and is a favourite for walkers, swimmers and surfers.


The small village of Gunwalloe is home to the church where the funeral of Aunt Joan took place.

You can visit the location where the tear-jerking episode was shot.

The church of St. Winwaloe is the only church in Cornwall that is located on a beach.

Fans of  Poldark will recognise the beach as the location where some of the show's most dramatic scenes are shot.

Doydens Castle

Fans of Doc Martin will recognise  Doyden Castle from where Mrs. Tishell revealed her crush to the Doctor in the final episode of series five.

The castle was built in 1830 and is surrounded by the beautiful Cornish coastline.

It was the perfect backdrop for the season finale.

St. Nonna’s Church

This church, set within the valley of Penpoint Water, features twice in the series.

It made it's first appearance when the Doc was jilted at the altar by Louisa in season three.

The second occasion was when the doctor finally managed to get her to tie the knot.

When is Doc Martin next on ITV?

You can catch the next episode of Doc Martin on October 2, 2019.

It is on ITV1 at 9pm, or ITV1+1 at 10pm.

If you miss Doc Martin you can watch it at again on the ITV Hub.

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