Who is Tyler Crispen from Big Brother? Former lifeguard meets BB21 cast

Tyler Crispen appeared on the latest episode of Big Brother 21. The former lifeguard certainly made the new cast members excited when he walked through the front door.

The reason Tyler appeared was to host the Week 2 Power of Veto Competition. The challenge itself involved a large pond in the backyard, so he was able to play into the role he had as a lifeguard for years.

Who is Tyler Crispen on Big Brother?

Tyler appeared as a member of the Big Brother 20 cast. He was one of the 16 houseguests who played the game during the summer 2018 season.

Tyler ended up finishing in second place during his season, as it was Kaycee Clark who was named Big Brother 20 winner. Tyler did end up winning the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest, though.

The finale was a bit surprising for a lot of viewers, as it seemed like Tyler was going to coast to a victory. He didn’t manage the jury very well, leading to them voting against him during the finale.

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans showmance

Tyler and Angela had a showmance as members of the BB20 cast. That relationship continued outside of the house, leading to the couple moving in together. Maybe a Big Brother wedding could be in the forecast?

It was fun to see Tyler Crispen pop up during an episode of Big Brother 21. Analyst Talavera even joked about trying to steal him from Angela, calling him “hot” during a Diary Room session.

Though his appearance during Episode 7 was brief, the response on social media indicates people would like to see him play the game again. Could he be a contestant if producers do another All-Stars season?

Big Brother has CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights this summer.

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