Will Aunt Becky Be In 'Fuller House' Season 5?

Back in the days before social media, celebrity scandals were more easily kept under wraps, so unless someone was super high profile, it wasn’t necessarily a career-ender if you got caught up in something nefarious. However, this is certainly not the case these days, as evidenced by the college admissions scandal that has implicated actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Here’s what we know about the latter’s career these days.

Loughlin plays Aunt Becky on Fuller House

The Full House sequel series, Fuller House, has been a big hit for Netflix for the past few years. It capitalizes on the nostalgia of the original, with a similar wholesome feel and many of the same characters. Though the show focuses on the kids from the original, who now are grown with children of their own, many of the OG adults have made cameos, popping up for family reunions and just random occasions.

Among them is Loughlin’s Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis, best known as Aunt Becky. She was the Tanner girls’ primary female role model growing up, and she continues to serve the plot in this way while also maintaining her own storyline (in which she gets a new job and adopts a child). However, that may not be the case any longer.

Loughlin was brought down by a recent scandal

When the latest episodes of Fuller House dropped in Dec. 2018, there was no indication that Aunt Becky would be written off the show. But all of that changed in March 2019, when Loughlin, her husband fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, and many others were charged with using bribery to get their children into USC.

Loughlin appeared to generally cooperate with authorities, and, in April, pled not guilty to the charges. However, the damage was done: The actress was quietly fired from Fuller House along with her Hallmark series When Calls the Heart, as well as (most likely) any other future projects with the network.

Her Fuller House castmates recently began filming

Fuller House Season 5 is now filming. This is set to be the final season of the show, a decision which was announced prior to Loughlin’s scandal. Though they have (of course) remained generally quiet on the subject of their disgraced former co-star, the remaining actors have taken to social media to celebrate their return to set.

Interestingly, the actor she works most frequently with, John Stamos, shared a photo a couple of weeks ago, announcing his excitement in getting back to work. Loughlin is in the photo, but he doesn’t mention anything about her. Thus far, only Bob Saget has directly commented on the situation.

What’s going to happen in Fuller House Season 5?

Since they’re just starting table reads, there’s likely quite a while until we get anything in the way of promotional materials for Fuller House Season 5. But here’s what we can deduce thus far.

The final season will have 18 episodes, just like the third one did. The episodes are set to drop in late 2019, perhaps just in time for Christmas as the last two sets have. It’s unclear as to whether all 18 episodes will be available at the same time, or whether they’ll split them up the way they did with Season 3. Regardless, it looks as though, among other things we’ll get a Jimmy and Stephanie wedding.

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