Worst WAG feuds from Coleen Rooney vs Becky Vardy to Victoria Beckham vs Cheryl

EARLIER today, Coleen Rooney sent Twitter into meltdown when she accused fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories about her.

The 33-year-old told her 1.2 million followers that Rebekah, wife of Leicester City star Jamie Vardy, had been telling The Sun about her "private posts and stories".

She said she suspected Rebekah and turned detective to try and find out who was leaking stories "without her permission or knowledge".

Coleen, married to former England star Wayne, changed her Instagram settings so only a limited number of people could see her posts and then fabricated false tales to see if they were picked up by the press.

When they were, she decided Rebekah must be the culprit, something the pregnant WAG has strongly denied.

Each of the stories provided to The Sun was put to Coleen’s representatives before publication, and on each occasion they declined to comment.

Coleen’s bombshell post has gone viral and sparked a host of hilarious responses and memes with the pair airing their differences for the world to see.

But this is far from the first time that footballers' wives have been at war with one another, and here we take a look back at some of the most explosive public feuds in WAG history.

Victoria Beckham VS. Katie Price

Believe it or not, there was a time between Victoria's days as a feisty Spice Girl and classy, well to-do fashion designer where she was chief WAG – and at loggerheads with almost everyone.

Her feud with the Pricey kicked off back in 2000, when she teamed up with the star's then-boyfriend Dane Bowers for their best-forgotten collaborative single Out Of Your Mind.

Katie alleged that Victoria's husband of two years, David Beckham, reached out and grabbed her hand during an event.

Writing in her 2004 autobiography, the mother-of-five detailed: "Dane was DJ'ing and I was standing with the famous couple.

"Suddenly I felt someone take my hand and squeeze it gently as if to reassure me that I shouldn't be overawed by all the hype…

"It was David. I looked at him in surprise and he was looking right back at me. Imagine how you would feel if David Beckham held your hand! Victoria was standing right next to him so I thought I'd better keep my mouth shut.

"I would have given anything for her to disappear at that moment and leave me alone with one of the world's sexiest men.

"But I guess I'll never really know what David was thinking. Maybe he was showing that he understood what it was like to be caught up in Dane and Victoria's desperate bid to become number one."

The feud picked up the following year, when Katie was dating footballer Dwight Yorke, and Posh and Becks were two years into their marriage.

Katie claimed that Victoria and one of her pals started to sing Baha Men's 1999 hit Who Let The Dogs Out? when she went to approach them.

She said: "Years ago she sang the song in the Manchester United lounge and there's where it started from. And in a nightclub David held my hand behind her back.

"I didn't feel star-struck by Victoria but I must admit to feeling a bit of a thrill around David. He is so good looking, has such a fit body and is so nice with it."

Victoria Beckham VS. Cheryl

Victoria's famous feuds don't end there, with the star also clashing with singer Cheryl during the 2006 Baden-Baden World Cup.

The tournament saw football get moved to the sidelines as the stars' wives and girlfriends instead dominated the headlines – led by Victoria and her new pal Cheryl, who was then married to footballer Ashley Cole.

The two women put on a cosy display as enviable best mates during that time, but two years later Cheryl was left devastated when she suffered a public heartache and Victoria wasn't there for her.

The singer ended her romance with Ashley when it came out that he had cheated on her with hairdresser Aimee Walton.

Discussing how Victoria didn't reach out once during the heartbreak, Cheryl said: "David’s mum is friends with Ashley’s mum, she (Victoria) was in my hotel room the whole time during the World Cup – we’ve had barbecues together — so I was quite shocked by that."

Rio Ferdinand and Fabio Capello VS. All of the WAGs

While the bevvy of beauties relished their upscaled role in the 2006 World Cup, some footballers took issue with the huge amounts of publicity that their regular attendance was taking away from the game.

While paps were busy snapping shots of the WAGs arriving at the matches and watching from the stand, disappointed sportsman felt that football had been overshadowed – with Rio Ferdinand accusing the WAGs of creating a "circus".

He said: "If I'm honest, we became a bit of a circus in terms of the whole WAG situation.

"It seemed like there was a big show around the whole squad. It was like watching a theatre unfolding and football almost became a secondary element to the main event.

"At the time, we were caught up in the bubble ourselves.

"Being somewhere like Baden-Baden, walking around the town, there were paparazzi everywhere, our families were there.

"When you step back and look back at that, it was like a circus."

As a result, new England boss Fabio Capello BANNED WAGs from attending the 2010 World Cup, which was held in South Africa.

He explained: "I like what we made here at training where the players stay together.

"When we are in South Africa the players need the wives, friends, the girls. One day after each game. We are there to play, not for a holiday."

Nicola McLean VS. Danielle Lloyd

After the 2010 World Cup ban, the fascination with WAGs appeared to take a backseat, but a new batch of aspirational footballers' wives and girlfriends were quick to try and fill the void.

In fact, one of the feuds was about exactly that as Tom Williams' wife Nicola McLean accused Jamie O'Hara's ex wife Danielle Lloyd of only marrying the footballer to become a WAG.

Danielle and Jamie split after two years of marriage in 2014, and Nicola appeared alongside Jamie on the 2017 series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Taking a swipe at his ex, she said at the time: "I don't think any wives or girlfriends would call themselves WAGS, if they did I'd think they were the biggest d***head in the whole entire world."

Austin Armacost replied: "You must have met girls who – that was a goal – to become a WAG?" to which Nicola swiftly hit back: "No, Jamie did though, and married one!"

Prior to that, the former pals had fallen out when Danielle named her new pet Chihuahua 'Rocky', the same name as one of Nicola's sons.

When Danielle posted photos of her pooch online, Nicola sniped: "Great name, might name my new addition Archie" – referencing one of Danielle's children in retaliation

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