Yellowstone’s John Dutton to meet ‘similar fate’ as HBOs Logan Roy

Cole Hauser reveals cast of Yellowstone hoping to start filming in May

Earlier this year, reports began to swirl about Kevin Costner’s future in Yellowstone, after rumours suggested John Dutton could soon meet his demise.

As the lead character, this news devastated fans who have admired the rancher’s dedication to his family and their highly desired Montana ranch.

Alongside reports of the character’s potential death and therefore Costner’s exit, it was also claimed the Western drama would come to an end after season five.

With bosses and the stars yet to confirm or deny these reports, more details about John’s possible looming death have emerged.

According to, John could be killed off in a similar fashion to Brian Cox’s Logan Roy.

The publication reported: “Dutton will meet a similar fate to that of Succession‘s Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox on the HBO hit.

“The show killed him off in the third episode, of course, Succession was in its final season, Yellowstone is not.

“I’m told when the second part of season five of Yellowstone resumes sometime this fall, Dutton will be killed off and the repercussions will be played out in the remaining episodes.”

The source added: “The whole team is down in Texas now meeting, and trying to figure out how to do it. I’m sure Taylor Sheridan has it worked out more or less.

“We all knew Kevin would leave eventually.”

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Fans of the HBO hit Succession were devastated to see Logan die, even though his declining health was the reason for the main plot.

While his death didn’t appear on screens, fans watched as his adult children said goodbye to him over the phone and eventually learned his death was confirmed.

As part two of Yellowstone’s fifth season has yet to be released, the last time fans saw John he was in good health but had been betrayed by his adopted son, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley).

However, it’s possible Jamie’s double-dealing could have an effect on John’s health, as the rancher kind-heartedly took Jamie in when he was just a youngster.

It had been previously reported John could be written out with a similar exit as the 1972 classic, The Godfather.

An insider revealed: “Taylor has always made it clear that this show should mirror the emotional power of The Godfather, with seismic exits and storylines.”

According to The US Sun: “Kevin loves that idea too, the key scenes in the show start filming again in April and only Taylor knows what the finale will be.”

The source warned: “He can change anything in the script at the last moment, but currently there is an acceptance that the time Kevin has left on-screen is much less than what he has already filmed.”

Yellowstone season 5 returns in 2023 on the Paramount Network in the USA and Paramount+ in the UK

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