10 signs you need a new job ASAP

Despite global turmoil, a looming recession and inflation near record highs, the job market is still relatively hot and Americans are leaving their posts in droves.

In March, 4.5 million employees quit their jobs, according to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover report. Economists anticipate “The Great Resignation” to continue as people increasingly need flexible hours and other perks to accommodate life in a possibly endless pandemic.

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For some, the decision to quit comes easily. Perhaps a new career opportunity arises that affords them a smooth transition into a better role. Or, less ideally, maybe they’ve been forced to choose between homeschooling and a career — a quandary that all too many people (ahem, women) have been cornered into since the accursed spring of 2020.

If you’re unsure whether to quit your job (and have the luxury to do so), you may want to consider what career experts have to say. These are their collective 10 signs that you should quit your job — and fast.

You’re Constantly Overworked
“Now more than ever, employees are realizing that it’s not fair to work 80 hours a week and for employers to not respect the fact that their employees have life obligations,” said Cheryl Grace, executive coach and CEO of Powerful Penny. “This is what the Great Resignation is all about. Employees would rather place their bets on themselves (become a business owner, seek a better work environment, etc.) than overwork themselves.”POLL: Have Gas Prices Affected Your Driving Habits?

Your Colleagues Are Jumping Ship
“If you start noticing a high turnover rate at your company, it may suggest that something is wrong with the company culture or management,” said Georgene Huang, CEO and co-founder of Fairygodboss. “During this Great Resignation period, you may notice more empty desks than usual for reasons unrelated to your company; but, if you find yourself one of the few remaining members of a team, it may be time to re-evaluate.”

Your Values No Longer Align With the Company’s
“You made the choice to work for a company based on their values and beliefs, but now you find that these are no longer aligned with your own,” said Linnea Bywall, head of people at Alva Labs, a digital hiring platform. “Maybe the company boasted a completely green supply chain or promised not to work with countries that don’t support human rights. No matter what it was, it has become apparent to you that you no longer align on the basics. “If setting a good example and trying to bring these things up for discussion doesn’t help, it could be that you will just never see eye to eye and you are better off moving on.”

You Hate Talking About Your Work
“This one might not be the most obvious sign, but it matters a lot,” said Ewelina Melon, head of people at customer service platform Tidio. “We spend so much time at work every day, and it inevitably constitutes a big part of our lives. If you feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or annoyed when telling people what you do for work, it might be a true red flag and a sign that it’s time to search for something else. Once you dig deeper, you might discover very different reasons why you are not willing to talk about work with people. Whatever the reason is, you can’t ignore this sign.”

The ‘Sunday Scaries’ Are Turning Into Actual Dread
“Despite what people may say, having horrible anxiety every Sunday night before returning to your job is not normal,” said Eliana Goldstein, a career coach. “While, yes, it’s normal to feel a little anxious as you transition into a new week, deep-seeded dread is not. If you’re living your life purely for weekends and vacations, that is a clear sign it’s time for something new.”

You Procrastinate Every Morning
“A clear indicator that it is time to change job roles is morning procrastination,” said Chris Delaney, a career coach. “Motivated employees start the day by checking emails, preparing to-do lists and checking tasks with colleagues. If an employee dreads opening their emails or avoids colleagues they are collaborating with on projects, then something might not be right. Procrastinating at the start of the day, while others complete the ‘easy’ preparation tasks, is a clear sign of an unhappy or unfulfilled worker.”

Salary Benchmarking Reveals You’re Underpaid
If you do salary benchmarking for roles similar to yours and find that you are very underpaid, that’s a definite sign that you should move on from your current post. “You can quickly check the right salary range for your current role/industry by using Glassdoor or LinkedIn,” said Colleen Paulson, a career consultant and executive resume writer. “Make sure that you take your current location into account when benchmarking.”

You Are Not Learning Anything New
“If you have mastered all the responsibilities of your current job and you are no longer learning new things, it is a sign you need a new job,” said Michelle Enjoli, a career development coach and keynote speaker. “In order to consistently grow and develop, there needs to be an element of education and challenge. Without that, you become stagnant, which can eventually lead to disengagement, complacency and/or bitterness.”

You Get Left Out of Important Conversations
“The savvy manager will always put her best people on the company’s most important projects,” said Natasha Bowman, president of Performance ReNEW and author of “You Can’t Do That at Work: 100 Legal Mistakes That Managers Make in the Workplace.” “What might it say, then, when you find yourself not-so-subtly removed from major client meetings, conference calls and strategic planning sessions? If you find yourself being systematically excluded from important conversations, you just might have proof that you’ve become a persona non grata in the eyes of management. It’s time to start planning your transition.”

You’re Job Is Making You Sick
“When your job is making you sick, it’s time to find a better one that won’t,” said Vicki Salemi, Monster career expert. “This encompasses physical as well as mental health. Do you get the Sunday Scaries every Sunday night? Is there a pit in your stomach every time you have to present in front of the group? When your job impacts your health in terms of stress, anxiety, depression and more, it’s definitely time to look for a new job.” More From GOBankingRates13 Best Items To Buy in Bulk at Sam’s Club This Summer
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