Alleged killer twin claims sister tried to stab her first

The twin who allegedly stabbed her sister to death in their New Jersey home claimed that her sibling was the one who tried to slice her first, sources said.

Amanda Ramirez — who was charged for the fatal stabbing of her twin sister, Anna Ramirez — told detectives that her sibling lunged at her with a knife after a brawl, according to police sources.

Amanda claimed that the two returned home early Saturday morning when Anna slugged her in the face, the sources said.

After exchanging blows, Amanda then said she ended up on the floor and her twin grabbed a knife and lunged at her.

Amanda said she then struggled with her sister and was able to recover the weapon before stabbing the twin in the chest.

Sources said that Amanda gave a previous version of events that did not match that account.

Anna was taken to Cooper University Hospital, where she died.

Her sister, Amanda, was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She is awaiting a pretrial hearing.

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