Andrew Pierce clashes with Just Stop Oil activist over Wimbledon

Hilarious moment bungling Just Stop Oil activist is humiliated by Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner live on TV: Duo are reduced to fits of laughter by eco-zealot’s pleas to use Google during their debate and tell them they will ‘boil in their own sweat’

  • The Daily Mail columnist clashed with the Just Stop Oil protester on air 

This is the hilarious moment Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner were reduced to fits of a laughter as they clashed with a bungling Just Stop Oil activist on GB News today.

The activist Alex de Koning asked the pair if he could use Google to check his own claims during the exchange – and then issued a dire warning that extreme heat caused by climate change would cause people to ‘boil in their own sweat’.

The Daily Mail columnist clashed with the eco group’s spokesperson Alex de Koning said the 40C heatwave seen across England last summer caused more than 1,00 deaths, adding: ‘When temperatures get hot enough, when it gets so hot that the sweat does not cool you down, you literally boil in your own sweat.’

Bemused Mr Pierce branded the claims as ‘ridiculous’, adding: ‘I’ve never heard of someone boiling in their own sweat. You’re not making sense, boiling to death.’ 

He added that he had ‘lost all respect’ for the group after their most recent tactics saw a protester throwing puzzle pieces on the court of Wimbledon yesterday, which Mr Pierce said was a ‘waste of a jigsaw’.

The row which took place during an interview on GB News, comes after the climate group stormed the courts at Wimbledon yesterday, disrupting British number one Katie Boulter’s game, and during Sho Shimabukuro’s clash with Grigor Dimitrov.

The Daily Mail columnist clashed with the eco group’s spokesperson Alex de Koning said the 40C heatwave seen across England last summer

During Boulter’s game, retired civil engineer, William John Ward, leapt over from the front row onto the court and shook a souvenir jigsaw box filled with confetti and puzzle pieces onto the ground.

It disrupted play, seeing the players and staff from the prestigious tennis tournament frantically pick up and vacuum the pieces of plastic up so play could resume.

Mr Pierce and his co-star Beverley Turner said that the group’s latest stunts, which resulted in souvenir jigsaws being banned from Wimbledon’s gift shop, were ‘disruptive, unpopular and counterproductive’.

Ms Turner said: ‘When a man goes onto the court of Wimbledon and throws a jigsaw around, we find you kind of ridiculous. It doesn’t make us buy into your perhaps well-intentioned ambition to save the planet. You’re losing the room.’

‘Why a jigsaw? I don’t think I’ve seen a jigsaw daily distributed around a tennis lawn in a high-profile climate-change process captured on TV it was a waste of a jigsaw. You’ve lost all my respects,’ Mr Pierce added.

It comes the Policing Minister today backed the right of spectators at major sporting events to ‘do a Jonny Bairstow’ to stop the eco-clowns from disrupting play. 

Home Office minister Chris Philp agreed that fans could intervene in the way the England cricketer last week picked up a climate change activist and carried him off the field at Lord’s.

But he added that ‘nobody should do anything dangerous or hurt anyone’ – and insisted it was firstly the job of stewards and marshals to step in to deal with demonstrations. 

Mr Philp also said anyone who intervenes should be ‘reasonable’. He spoke out today after it was revealed the Government had told Wimbledon officials and police that they can ‘use force, without it being excessive and where appropriate’.

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