Bear chased from Sacramento house by two terriers

Scram! Moment two tiny terriers chase hungry bear out of house while their owner is sound asleep on the sofa

  • Dee Dee Mueller was sleeping at her home in Pasadena, California recently
  • She awoke to when her terriers Squirt and Mei Mei began to bark loudly 
  • Reviewing CCTV footage of her home, she saw the dogs chased off a bear  

This the moment two small terriers chased a giant bear from a family home in California while their owner was sound asleep on the sofa. 

The incident was captured on a security camera at the DeeDee Mueller’s family home in Pasadena, north east of Los Angeles, in California. 

In the footage, the languid bear ambles onto the deck outside the home and drinks from a fountain before making his way into the house. 

The bear approached Dee Dee Mueller’s home in Pasadena, in California 

The bear drank from a water feature before entering the house through an open door 

The bear explored the kitchen before it was disturbed by the two dogs 

Squirt and Mei Mei ran after the bear forcing it to retreat from the house 

The bear can be seen exploring the kitchen before he is interrupted by the dogs , Squirt and Mei Mei. 

Ms Mueller said the doors of the property were left open to allow the dogs the freedom to explore outside. 

However, when the unexpected visitor arrived the two dogs responded by barking loudly, prompting the bear to retreat. 

The two small dogs chased the bear outside where it went back into the wilderness. 

Ms Mueller said she was sleeping when the bear arrived in her home.  

She uploaded the footage of the encounter on Facebook and wrote: ‘Bear season officially started in our neighbourhood. 

‘A young bear wandered into the house but Squirt and Mei Mei said, “HELL NO, get out of our house!”‘

The bear, which is believed to be around two to three years old ran away when confronted by the dogs. 

Ms Mueller said she had seen bears in her back yard previously but hoped this ‘doesn’t set the tone for this bear season’. 

Ms Mueller said she was napping in the next room when she heard her dogs starting to bark. 

She told ABC News: ‘As the bear was turning back, these pair noticed him. We saw a trail of urine so the bear was clearly very nervous.’ 

The bear turned to look at the dogs while retreating from Ms Mueller’s home 

One the bear was safely away from the home, Ms Mueller discovered it had left behind a trail of urine

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