Bored father creates 'castle Covid' using old cardboard for his son

It’s the fort that counts! Bored father creates ‘castle Covid’ complete with a draw-bridge – using old cardboard sandwich boxes to keep his son entertained during lockdown

  • It took Steve Wilson four whole days to complete the impressive structure
  • The castle even features a moving draw-bridge, corridors and a hiding place
  • Facebook users were stunned by the castle, which was made to entertain his son

A bored dad has created the ultimate fort for his son out of cardboard boxes during the coronavirus lockdown – complete with a moving drawbridge.

Steve Wilson, 52, built the impressive structure – dubbed ‘Castle Covid’ – over a four-day period while in isolation.

He constructed the castle in a room at his business The Square – a soft play centre in Wells, Somerset – after getting tired of playing board games.

Bored father constructed this brilliant castle to keep his son entertained during the lockdown

Steve Wilson and his four-year-old son (pictured) built the castle out of old sandwich boxes

The cardboard structure, dubbed ‘Castle Covid,’ took Steve four whole days to build

Steve and four-year-old Sebastian used old sandwich boxes and a tape to create the stronghold.

The ‘building’ features a moving draw-bridge, corridors, turrets and a hiding place.

Steve said: ‘What was going to be a four-hour job turned into days of building.

‘I’ll almost be sad to see it demolished – either by Sebastian from playing in it or when we reopen.’ 

Facebook users were amazed by the castle and heaped praise on Steve for building it

Pictures of the castle were posted on Facebook on Thursday – and have already been ‘liked’ nearly 300 times. 

The caption reads: ‘When life gives you boxes…build a castle, obviously!’ One person commented below: ‘That’s totally awesome!’

Another added: ‘This is fab! Lucky boy!’ A third said: ‘Bit bored Steve?! Hopefully you’ll be overrun with kids soon..’

Steve’s house joins onto The Square, which opened in 2016.

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