Buddy the chihuahua faces death penalty after being put on trial for nipping Avon lady's leg

BUDDY the chihuahua was yesterday ordered to stand trial for biting an Avon lady — and faces the death penalty if found guilty.

The Sun previously told how the 13-inch tall dog was collared after allegedly attacking Louise Elliff on her rounds.

Owner Ash Routledge, 30, apologised — but he now faces up to six months in jail if found guilty of having a dog dangerously out of control. And it may be ruled that Buddy must be destroyed.

Dad-of-three Ash said: “I never expected it to get this far — it’s just ridiculous.

“What happened was a complete accident. Taxpayers’ money is going to be wasted on a case we could have sorted out among ourselves.

“I didn’t actually see it but I took the Avon lady’s word for it and said I was sorry. There are much bigger problems in the world than a tiny chihuahua.”

Louise, 49, claims she was injured by Buddy when she called to collect a catalogue in Crook, Co Durham, in November.

She said she was left terrified when the dog chased her round the garden snapping at her legs.

She added: “It took a wad out of my leg which left me bleeding and with a massive bruise.

“The way it came at me was full-on aggression. You do not expect that from such a small dog.”

Ash intends to fight the case at Peterlee magistrates’ court on July 14.

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