College graduates turn their BACKS on NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Graduates of City University of New York School of Law turn their BACKS on NYC Mayor Eric Adams during commencement speech as he brings up his NYPD career

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams faced protests while discussing his police career as he delivered a college commencement speech
  • Adams, 62, was speaking at the City University of New York School of Law 
  • Boos rang out across the auditorium and dozens of students turned their backs while the mayor gave his speech 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was loudly booed while delivering a college commencement speech after bringing up his NYPD career. 

Adams, 62, faced the backlash while speaking at the City University of New York School of Law on Friday, where dozens of students turned their back on him in protest. 

Footage posted on social media showed the furious students jeering the former cop after he said members of the graduating class would go on to become a ‘public figure’ like himself.

‘Let’s be clear, for 22 years of my life, I wore a bulletproof vest and protected the children and families of this city as a police officer,’ Adams added, while the audience continued booing.

‘Just as you see these graduates here, I know what it is to protest,’ he said. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams faced backlash while speaking  to students at the City University of New York

Adams served as a police officer for over two decades prior to launching his political career, and he ran on his experience as a top cop during his successful campaign for New York City Mayor in 2021. 

But his tenure has been rocked by backlash from some Big Apple constituents who feel he has not governed the city as liberally as they would expect. 

Adams argued that he had a long history of taking a public stand on issues. 

He cited his involvement in protests following the 1999 killing of Amadou Diallo, a 23-year-old Guinean man who was killed by NYPD officers, and his championing of police advocacy group ‘100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care’.

‘But I’m not the mayor because I know how to protest,’ he added. 

‘I’m the mayor because I know how to speak on behalf of the countless number of people in this city’. 

Adams declared: ‘I know what it is like to hold the city together.’ In response, several members of the crowd shouted: ‘No you don’t.’

He said his message to the graduates in attendance ‘who believe that their beliefs are the only beliefs in a diversified city like New York’, was to stop being a ‘detached spectator in the full contact sport of life’. 

Video of the speech was posted to Twitter, with the attendee who shared the footage saying that boos also rang out across the auditorium when it was announced that Adams would be speaking.

Dozens of students were seen turning their backs in protest during Mayor Adams’ speech when he brought up his NYPD career

In a statement to, the mayor’s office said: ‘Mayor Adams respects the rights of the graduates who peacefully protested today just like he peacefully protested countless times throughout his career. 

‘As the mayor always says, this city may have 8.8 million people, but it also has 35 million opinions. We thank these graduates for going into the field of law and their willingness to serve their communities — helping those who are disadvantaged, crafting public policy and legislation, or serving in public office themselves. 

‘The mayor looks forward to seeing how these graduates serve our city in the future.’ 

City University of New York has been contacted for comment by 

 Adams has come under fire recently for his actions in a number of issues, including moving migrant encampments in New York hotels. 

His NYPD service was also jeered by the students as the force has faced criticism for the delayed arrest of former marine Daniel Penny for the killing of homeless man Jordan Neely. 

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