Florida ER doctor loses custody of daughter due to coronavirus

A heroic Florida doctor fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic has lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter until the pandemic is over.

Dr. Theresa Greene, who has tested negative for COVID-19, says she faces an impossible and “cruel” choice between working in the emergency room and seeing her child, according to 6 South Florida.

Greene’s ex-husband filed for sole custody of the little girl “due to mother’s significantly heightened exposure to COVID-19,” according to court documents. Judge Bernard Shapiro granted the request this week, saying it was “in the best interests of the child” because of the pandemic in Florida.

“How can you tell me because I’m divorced that I can’t come home — obviously I have to shower — but that I can’t come home and hug my daughter,” said Greene, who called the decision discriminatory against divorced parents and has filed an appeal.

“I was just shocked that the judge would take this stance without talking to medical experts and knowing the facts and take it so lightly, take my child from me and not think of the effect on her, her mental and psychological well-being,” she said.

U.S. healthcare professionals across the US, overloaded with COVID-19 patients, have been compared to those fighting on a battlefield, with protective gear in short supply.

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