General Election 2019 LIVE: Latest polls as voters back Boris Johnson’s tough defence stance – The Sun

A POLL has shown Boris Johnson's tough stance on terror and defence has been backed by voters.

It comes as the Prime Minister welcomes Nato leaders for a meeting to mark the 70 years since the alliance began today.

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    The Tories' chance of a majority have shortened again, now at 4/11 – according to political betting aggregators

    • At the end of last week they were 1/3, a campaign low, before drifting over the weekend to 4/9 – but today they have shortened again to 4/11. 
    • As expressed on BonusCodeBets' election tracker, where the odds are expressed as percentages, that means they were 67.9% likely to win a majority at the end of last week, before dropping to 63.7% – and have now recovered to 66.4%
    • For comparison on how much they have shortened in the past month, when the election was announced they were 6/5 for a majority, or 41.1% likely. 
    • A hung parliament, or no overall majority, is 2/1, or a 28.2% chance of happening, having been as high as 50.2% likely at the start of November. 
    • A Labour majority is 4.3% likelihood (20/1) today – not their lowest this campaign which was 3.1% likelihood (30/1) on November 11, but falling from a 5.3% likelihood (16/1) last week.
    • A BonusCodeBets political analyst said: “Boris is back on track this week with the Tories once again shortening in the majority betting. Labour's brief bounce looks to be over and the prospect of a hung parliament is also looking slimmer than ever.”


    The Brexit Party has removed the party whip from its MEP John Longworth, with immediate effect, the party has said, for “repeatedly undermining the party’s election strategy.”

    Announcing the decision, the Brexit Party’s Chief Whip and MEP Brian Monteith said:

    “We regret having to remove the Whip, but we have been left with no alternative after John Longworth repeatedly undermined the party’s Brexit strategy over the last few months.  

    “The Brexit Party shall not be deflected from, or undermined in, its campaign to win Labour seats. We are receiving a great reception from disenchanted Labour voters and have believe we have a good chance of winning in many seats.”

    John Longworth will now be removed from the Brexit Party Group in Brussels with immediate effect.



    Melania Trump was serenaded with a rendition of Mariah Carey's festive classic All I Want For Christmas Is You as she visited a Salvation Army centre in east London today.

    The US First Lady bobbed her head slightly as around 30 children from Baden Powell Primary School belted out the well-known Christmas song.

    Wearing a black and white houndstooth check coat over a black sheath dress, the wife of US President Donald Trump appeared to say “bravo” as she congratulated the ensemble.

    She also spent around 20 minutes helping the school children make Christmas wreaths, using sparkly pipe cleaners, pine cones and tinsel.

    Mrs Trump beamed throughout the visit, commending the Christmas hat-clad youngsters on their festivewear and chatting more generally about the festive season.


    Extinction Rebellion activists glued themselves to the Liberal Democrats election bus this morning, despite it being an eco-friendly electric vehicle.

    Six leftie climate change eco-warriors dressed as bumble bees and and tried to swarm Jo Swinson's orange campaign bus in South London.


    Dominic Cummings was rumoured to have left as a special adviser last month.

    But here he is in Watford with the PM at the Nato summit.

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