Hayling Island dog walker almost washed out to sea during storm

Moment woman and dog narrowly avoid getting swept away by huge wave as locals slam her ‘stupid’ decision to walk on beach during storm

  • The woman was walking on the beach in Hayling Island, Essex on Monday 
  • A large wave washes over the woman and pushes her pet over the sea wall 
  • Witnesses rush to save the woman who is at risk of being dragged out to sea
  • Locals criticised the woman for risking her life and that of her dog in the storm 

These are the dramatic scenes as a woman and dog are moments from being swept away to sea.

The footage shows the woman walking her dog despite the horrendous weather conditions on Hayling Island, Hampshire on Monday. 

The woman and her dog are walking at the top end of the beach beside a low sea wall which was constructed to protect nearby beach houses. 

The woman and her dog are walking along the beach in Hayling Island, Essex on Monday 

A large wave gets forced up the beach after hitting the groyne and wipes out the woman

All along the beach, the council have erected a series of groynes to prevent longshore drift. 

However, when one of the larger waves hits the groyne, the water is channelled directly towards the woman and her dog, knocking her from her feet, and amazingly, pushing the small dog over the sea wall to safety. 

Fortunately for the woman, she is not dragged away by the retreating wave and manages to clamber over the wall to safety. 

Simon Vine posted the video on Facebook claiming it was ‘not the best time to walk your dog on the beach’. 

Locals hit out at the woman on the clip for putting herself in danger by walking along the coast during treacherous weather. 

Bex Burnham said, ‘What the hell was that person thinking!’ 

Stacey Cobbey Steel added: ‘Sorry put what a silly, selfish thing to do.

‘She could’ve quite easily been dragged out to sea and the coastguard would’ve needed to risk their lives to save hers. Most of all poor dog.’ 

The dog gets washed up onto the sea wall by the force of the water and the woman then is able to scramble to safety

For one moment it appeared that the woman was going to be sucked under the surface

Meanwhile, the Met Office said ‘some higher rural communities could become cut off’ for days, with no gas, electricity, water or phones when the most disruptive snowfall since the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018 is expected.

Up to 3ft 4in (100cm) more snow could fall at high levels in Scotland in the coming days, with 7in (18cm) expected over the north Pennines in England as other northern parts see 1.2in (30mm) of rain, particularly on high ground.

Further south, intense downpours on the way today are bringing an increased threat of floods with the Environment Agency issuing 165 alerts and 45 warnings which are spread across the country.

These are mainly affecting Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and the Trent, Severn and Thames valleys – while a further four flood alerts have been issued by Natural Resources Wales. 

Snow over fields in the North Pennines this morning with more blizzards expected in northern England today and tomorrow

Snow covers fields in the North Pennines this morning as Britons in some areas are warned to expect further blizzards

Snow falls in Nottingham this morning as parts of the country continue to experience flurries

Heavy rainfall has caused the A19 northbound at Sunderland to be closed this morning because one of the lanes is flooded

A van drives through floodwater in Sunderland this morning after the city experienced heavy rainfall overnight

A JCB drives through floodwater in Sunderland this morning after the city was hit by heavy downpours overnight

The Environment Agency has warned that water levels may remain high for several days, and there was a threat from flooding along the entire stretch of the River Thames between Reading and Windsor.

This included a flood risk at Sonning, where the waters lapped close to George and Amal Clooney’s Grade II-listed mansion – although the building, raised above the garden, seemed in little danger.

Snow and heavy rain are affecting parts of Britain today with Met Office warnings in place for the North and Scotland

The Met Office expects Scotland’s highest ground exposed to strong easterly winds to see up to 1ft 8in (50cm) of snow by Saturday night, but ITV’s Good Morning Britain forecaster Laura Tobin said the figure could actually be closer to 3ft 4in (100cm).

Forecasters predict further wintry weather next week, with the potential for a ‘tremendous amount of snow’ in the West should an area of low pressure or future storm run up against very cold air.

Met Office meteorologist Grahame Madge said the prolonged wet and wintry weather across northern England is due to a weather system stalling against an area of high pressure over Scandinavia. 

In central and southern England and Wales, today will be mostly fine and mild, with temperatures reaching up to 11C (52F), but with the chance of some showers.

The mix of sunshine and showers is likely to last through Friday into Saturday but the Scandinavian high pressure is then set to dominate into next week, bringing the freezing air – which follows the coldest January since 2010. 

Mr Madge said: ‘We are likely to see very cold conditions extend across the UK as a large high pressure area extends west. It’s a similar set-up to the Beast from the East in 2018 but the air is coming from the Baltic and Scandinavia rather than Siberia.’ 

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