Hero dogs save owner’s daughter after sacrificing themselves to killer cobra

A hero pet dog died after fighting off a deadly snake in a desperate bid to protect its owner's baby girl from a poisonous bite.

Security cameras installed outside the house in Kidapawan City, in the Philippines, shows two black and white dogs pouncing on the cobra.

Moxie, the two-year-old white dachshund, first spotted the reptile slithering into the front garden through the gate and immediately started barking at it.

Miley, the black dachshund, then went over and picked up the monacled cobra in its jaw.

Footage shows the two fearless pooches taking it in turns to attack the snake, with one biting its tail and the other one mauling its head.

After the two-minute tussle, the cobra was eventually killed but it left Miley with severe bites.

The four-year-old dachshund did not survive her injuries and died minutes after the incident, while Moxie was left blinded from the cobra's venom.

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