I built a model aeroplane to be my HOME – I always dreamed of flying… now I can live in the sky | The Sun

A CAMBODIAN man has made his lifelong dream of flying a reality after building a custom home 20feet off the ground in the shape of an aeroplane.

And Chrach Pov, 43, has even bigger plans for the impressive two bedroom and two bathroom home.

The determined flight fanatic reckons he's spent about £15,000 so far after saving up for 30 years for the project.

The concrete construction boasts mock engines, wings and a tail plane, and has created a stir in the district of Siem Reap province where he lives.

Pov said: "I am so excited that I can fulfil my dream now even though it is not yet 100 percent done."

The construction worker plans to build a coffee shop next to his home for visitors and still hopes to be able to fly on a real plane – though there's an odd reason why he hasn't.


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Pov admitted he's nervous about actually flying – so the home will do for now.

He said: "I feel so happy to live inside the aeroplane house because it looks like a real one when I walk in."

Fittingly, his home is under the fly path for his local airport – meaning Pov can watch the real planes while in his own aeroplane.

Another woman has told how she turned a Boeing 727 she bought for just £1,500 into her dream home.

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Jo Ann spent six months renovating the 12-foot wide cabin – and even found a genius way to transform the cockpit.

The beautician decided to start on the project after her own home was destroyed in a house fire.

She started working on the aircraft after her brother-in-law, air traffic controller Bob Farrow, suggested the idea.

The woman bought an old Boeing 727 that was destined for the dump for $2,000 in 1994.

The plane which ran from May 11, 1968 until September 20, 1993, was shipped to a plot of land in Benoit, Mississippi.

The house – nicknamed "Little Trump" after Donald Trump's $16-million corporate jet – has three bedrooms, a living room, a full kitchen, a laundry room, and a master bathroom inside, according to Airport Journals.

Some of the plane's features were kept the same- such as one of the bathrooms that was kept as a toilet and overhead luggage compartments that were used as storage space.

Other features were added, including a hot tub and a bath in the cockpit

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