I earn £8k a month doing a job no one wants…I only work HALF the year & have so much free time I bodybuild on the side | The Sun

A MAN who only has to work half the year has revealed the dangerous job that allows him to rake in £8,000 a month.

Richard Detering has shared how he has embarked on an unusual career which enables him to focus on his true passion – bodybuilding.

The Aussie muscleman took to TikTok to explain what the lucrative job involves – and it has whipped the internet into a frenzy.

He begins: "How much exactly do I earn as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic working in the mines?"

He then adds that he works "two weeks on, two weeks off" and his 15 percent yearly bonus takes his annual salary to a whopping £100,000.

Richard is a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) worker meaning that for his job he is taken to remote areas where he stays for extended periods of time.

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Richard also reveals the rigorous routine he must follow but believes the gruelling job is worth it.

He says: "I rack up around 2,016 working hours per year compared to 2,080 for a standard 40 hour working week.

"The average salary in Australia for my line of work is around $90,000 (£47,000).

"For me earning double the amount while working less total hours and having to only think about work for about six months of the year has been more than enough reason to make certain other sacrifices.

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Richard gets up at 4AM and has breakfast before he heads to the mines at 5AM and fixes "anything that breaks down in the field".

He then tackles a 12 hour shift before he returns to base and hits the gym.

He says usually he is in bed by 8.30 PM.

The video has received more than 2000 comments with most praising the muscleman for his work ethic.

One person wrote: "It's great money but a tough job. Much respect."

Another said: "Working FIFO is not for everyone, you sacrifice a lot to do it, good on you."

Although there is a lot of cash to be made working as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic it doesn't come without risks.

They are often at risk from suffering minor to severe cuts, burns and bruises, according to Midwest Disability Work Comp.

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