Inside the superyacht for history buffs with nearly $1 billion to burn

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It’s for the ultimate seafaring sports fan — and history buff.

A lavish superyacht designed to resemble a centuries-old galleon — and featuring full-sized basketball, tennis and handball courts — is being pitched by a California ship designer.

Steve Kozloff’s The Galleon involves eight decks boasting hoards of extravagant goodies that can be custom-arranged for buyers — who are wealthy enough to foot its roughly $750 million price tag.

The striking nearly 525-foot luxury ship, complete with four massive sails, could hold up to 200 guests and 150 crewmembers, Kozloff said.

“I liked the style of the Old World galleons, especially the glass work at the stern,’’ the ship designer told The Post on Tuesday. “I wanted to imitate that feature.

“Plus, I want to encourage the cruise industry to be more green,’’ he said of the yacht, which would have a hybrid diesel-electric engine in addition to its sails.

The ship’s planned features include the sports facilities, plus a pair of swimming pools and two “lazy rivers.”

It also includes a helipad and 4,500-square-foot hanger for high-flying guests, not to mention room for six speedboats, four submarines and other smaller watercraft.

Additional onboard entertainment could be found at the ship’s cafe, bar and restaurant.

Kozloff said the price depends on how far buyers want to plunk down on the yacht’s interior furnishings, adding that it would take about $750 million for it to be “properly outfitted.” He said the masts alone cost around $140 million.

The Galleon is considered an “explorer’’ yacht, meaning it could cruise the world at more than 20 mph with a steel hull able to cut through ice floes.

Its length is 70 feet less than the world’s longest yacht, the Azzam, which is reportedly owned by royals from the United Arab Emirates.

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