Is it illegal to drive with my boot open and how much could I be fined?

DRIVERS carrying a big load sometimes are seen driving with their boot open.

But is it illegal and can you be fined for doing it? Here's all you need to know…

When is it illegal to drive with my boot open?

Driving with your boot open is not illegal – however there are precautions which have to be taken.

If you are driving with your boot open to transport something motorists must take care that nothing is protruding more than 6 inches to the side or three feet to the rear of the outline of the car.

Anything that goes beyond these dimensions is classed as an “abnormal load” – and is therefore illegal.

You also must take care that your lights and license plate are fully visible while your boot is open.

It is also against the law to drive with your boot open for no reason.

Will I be fined for driving with my boot open? 

If you are driving with your boot open to carry something you could be fined £100, and evern receive up to three points on a driving licence if done incorrectly.

This could be if the car’s load distribution, weight, position or the way it is secured is affecting the vehicle and how it drives.

Drivers may also be punished for the vehicle being in a dangerous condition under the Road Traffic Act 1998.

The Highway Code states: “You must secure your load and it must not stick out dangerously.”

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