Jerry Stiller secretly filming Ben Stiller got him in hot water with NYPD: 'Why are you filming that child?'

On Thursday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Ben Stiller dropped by to give an update on the documentary he is making about his parents. While Stiller has been busy with directing and producing the HBO hit series Severance, he is still focused on the film about Jerry and Anne Meara Stiller, who were an accomplished comedy team who had thriving careers until their respective deaths in 2020 and 2015.

”My dad, he was always recording and always filming,” said Stiller. “He gave me my first Super 8 camera. He would film us all the time. He was also very overprotective.”

Ben made appearances on his father’s television shows. And Jerry in turn made appearances in Ben’s movies, this footage was just a father capturing a memorable moment.

“When I decided I was going to walk to school by myself for the first time is when I was in third grade, he followed me in a car.” Stiller recalled. “Shot footage of me walking to school on my own.”

Even though Jerry’s Seinfeld character Frank Costanza couldn’t stand his son George Costanza, Jerry’s real-life obsession with his son was nearly criminal.

“Literally, when he was doing that, a cop stopped him,” Stiller recalled. “Hey, listen, the cops were very vigilant at that time.”

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