Kenan Thompson breaks character, starts laughing in silly 'SNL' sketch with the Muppets

Keegan-Michael Key hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night, and one of the high points was a silly sketch featuring the Muppets, which caused longtime cast member Kenan Thompson to break character and crack a smile.

In the sketch, Key, 50, star of "Key & Peele," and Thompson, 43, play security guards working a live performance of "The Muppet Show" featuring Melissa Villaseñor doing a spot-on impression of Lily Tomlin as host.

Kermit the Frog introduces the show by welcoming everyone and asking if they're having a good time.

"We were, but then you came out!" shouts Waldorf, one half of the old man duo Statler and Waldorf, known for their constant heckling from the balcony on "The Muppet Show."

Kermit soldiers on, introducing Villaseñor as Tomlin, who quips, "Why do I always say yes to stuff like this?"

When Kermit calls Tomlin a show stopper, Waldorf chimes in that he'd do anything for the show to stop.

As the old men continue to heckle the hosts, Key and Thompson appear wearing security guard outfits.

"Hey. Shut up," Thompson says pointing to the balcony.

"What happens next is up to you," says Key, issuing a stern warning.

Key and Thompson exit, but when Kermit announces there will be standup comedy by Fozzie Bear, Statler chimes in that it will make you "stand up and go get a refund."

Key and Thompson reappear, fed up with the old men's heckling.

"The venue has rules, and they are printed on the back of your ticket," says Thompson.

"Everybody here paid good money to hear this little dragon and his friends do their thing," says Key, pointing to Kermit, who is clearly a frog. "So please let them do their thing without talking."

When the duo says the show is bad, Key tells them they are more than welcome to leave.

When Waldorf and Statler continue to heckle, Key appears up in the balcony and insists that "y'all going to learn," before giving Statler a severe beat down.

"Alright, you're going to kill him," Thompson says, breaking character and cracking a big smile as he pulls Key off the Muppet.

"Cool off," Thompson tells Key, unable to stifle a laugh.

Statler reappears from below the balcony with his eyes swollen shut, and Thompson tries to keep the peace by saying he also doesn't like the show.

"Don't worry, you're not missing much," cracks Waldorf to Statler, unable to resist a punchline.

At this point, Thompson loses his cool and starts beating on Waldorf.

Thompson and Key try to eject the men from the balcony, but when they lift them up, they're surprised to see they have no legs.

"Oh snap," says Key. "We didn't realize you guys didn't have no legs."

"Sorry about that," says Thompson. "We didn't know that y'all was veterans."

"Thank you for your service," says Key, saluting.

In the end, Thompson and Key join Waldorf and Statler in heckling Kermit, and the silly sketch ends on a high note. The show also featured Olivia Rodrigo as musical guest, and the 46th season will conclude next week with host Anya Taylor-Joy and musical guest Lil Nas X.


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