Lions escape into the AUDIENCE, sparking stampede at Chinese circus

Lions escape into the AUDIENCE, sparking stampede out of the show by terrified families at Chinese circus

  • The incident took place in the city of Luoyang in Henan Province on Saturday
  • One of the lions is seen getting frustrated before escaping though an open flap

This is the moment two lions escaped into the audience at a circus in central China, causing a stampede as terrified families tried to avoid being mauled.

Video footage shows the lions suddenly breaking free from the iron fence separating the stage from the audience during a performance in Luoyang, Henan Province, on Saturday.

Terrified spectators are sent scrambling to protect their children and leave the event hall as one of the lions makes its way out onto the streets. 

Authorities confirmed the animal that escaped the performance area was swiftly caught and that nobody was injured. 

In the video one of the two circus performers tries to guide a lion with a stick in the circular metal cage surrounded by spectators. 

The lion walks around the small enclosure as part of a performance and finds an unlocked flap

One of the lions escapes through the open gate in the cage, causing panic in the audience

The lions can be seen roaming around the fringes of the cage. One then hops onto a stool before making its way over to greet the other animal. 

One of the lions jumps through the hoop held by one of the circus performers, but gets caught, dragging it along as it circles the inside of the cage. 

The lion then darts through an an unlocked flap in the cage and the other one follows. 

The audience members can be seen fleeing the scene, with some carrying their children. 

One of the lions is then shown roaming about in the car park as visitors exit the grounds. 

A lion is shown being transported in a small metal cage at the end of the video after it has been captured. 

The audience flees as lions escape the performance enclosure at a circus in central China 

While both animals were seen in the video to leave the cage through the flap, the Luoyand publicity department confirmed one had escaped and had been caught within 15 minutes 

The Luoyang publicity department released a statement later in the day, stating that during the trial performance of the Global Peak International Circus at around 10:45 am, one lion accidentally escaped from its enclosure.

It said that fortunately the animal was captured by the keepers in around 15 minutes and no-one was injured.

The circus has been ordered to suspend operations and rectify any issues, and investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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