London ‘off limits’ to ambitious but poorer Brits living outside the capital, report warns – The Sun

LONDON has become “off limits” to ambitious but poorer Brits from outside the capital, a scathing report warns.

Hopes of moving there to do well are dashed by the sky-high cost of living.

The findings will pile pressure on PM Boris Johnson to keep his promise to “level up” the country and tackle social inequality.

Moving to London to become a professional “is largely the preserve of those from a privileged background”, says the report commissioned by the Sutton Trust educational charity.

Sir Peter Lampl, founder and chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: “The Dick Whittington vision of moving to the capital to move up in the world is largely a myth.

“Those that benefit most from opportunities in London were either born there or are the economically privileged from other parts of the country.

“London is essentially off-limits to ambitious people from poorer backgrounds who grow up outside the capital.

“That means that boosting London is not going to have much impact on making things fairer for anyone other than those already living there.”

Researchers said the sky high cost of living in London and the growing number of unpaid internships are locking Brits out of the capital.

The report by the London School of Economics also says a growing number of unpaid internships adds to the problem.

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